Sedona, arizona Traveling Brochure By: Zander Chesny

If you are looking for a way to spend your lifetime to have fun, physical exercising, adventures, etc. Then Sedona is the right place for you to live in.

Climate of Sedona

  • Climate of Sedona is very warm all years around.
  • The highest in the summer might only reach up to 100 degrees.
  • The lowest in the winters can be down to 50 degrees.
  • In the winter time you only need to wear a sweatshirt to keep yourself warm.
  • Also in the winter there is a great opportunity for photos because of the snow on the mountain side.
This is a photo of Sedona in the summer from
A photo of sedona's weather in the winter from

Food in Sedona

  • In Sedona there are lots of chooses for good food, depending on what you have a taste for.
  • There is the Oak creek brewery & grill that features great views while you are eating and the best hamburgers. And also at Oak creek Brewery you can sit outside to eat in the winter.
  • Also there is the Cucina Rustica that features the best pasta and with some bread and homemade avioli before you food is severed.
  • Last one is the Cafe Jose with phenomenal steak with rich juices.
Steak at Cafe Jose from
This a hamburger from Oak creek Brewery & grill from

Seodna's low taxes and Afforddabillty

  • Sedona's taxes is 3.30%. This is very low because some taxes in Arizona can be up to about 9.35%.
  • Sedona has homes that rage from trailer park homes to big multi- millions homes that are owned by movie stars and singers.
  • Some of the movie stars that own homes in Sedona are the singer "Madonna", the actor, "Sharon Stone", and the famous actor Al Pacino, etc.
This is one of the houses that cost millions of dollar from

Population and education

  • In Sedona the population is around 11,000.
  • Sedona's population grows in the summer because tourist come from all over the country.
  • In Sedona lots of people graduate from high schools. It is about 346 out of 500 students that graduate from high school.

Religion and airport

  • 30% of people in Sedona are religious.
  • Some of them are Christians, Buddhism, Islamic, and Jewish.
  • Out of the other 70% most people believe that the earth have a spiritual` power that heals people.
  • In Sedona there is a small airport that is about minutes away. It has small planes and jets that come form allover the states.
This is a photo of Sedona's church from
Sedona's small airport from

Job Opportunity, transportation and commute time

  • In Sedona you can be work at about anywhere.
  • You can work at a jeep tour places, shops and other downtown places.
  • Most people in Sedona drive a car or walk because places are close together.
  • There are bus tours in Sedona that you take to good places to visit.
  • There is also jeep tours around Sedona that takes people on rocky and scary trails.
  • The commute time in Sedona is 26 minute on way.
This is a photo of one type of jeeps you can take around Sedona from

This video will show you some of the best spots you should go when you past or stay in Sedona.

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