President's Notice

Our Term 3 newsletter has been a little late this time, but that's a good thing as we've been up to lots of interesting things this term.

Let me start with a great little networking event we held over the Term 2 holidays. The event was organised by Wade Ninnes for WATSSA members to go go-karting. We had a good turn out from our members and some of the committee. I must say I had a lot of fun racing my colleagues on the track, not that I did very well. A big congratulations to one of our new members Ettienne from Carine, who took out first place, David from John Curtin College who took Second and Mark from Gilmore College rounding out the top 3 in third place.

Earlier this term Jon Stanley and I sat down with David Dans and Tim York from Central office to discuss how WATSSA and DOE can better help each other and what improvements we can look at going forward. WATSSA have been able to put a number of feature requests into the department. To keep everyone in the loop, currently we have CSC looking into SSO for the Adobe products and ClickView, we hope that we can expand on what can use SSO in the future. We have some feature requests and improvements logged in for SSS, Dashboard and the SIG too. We will do our best to keep you all updated about the progress on those.

Our website has taken longer than expected for us to release the new look site, but fingers crossed we will have it live by the end of this term. I am really looking forward to being able to share that with you all. Some of you might have noticed our new WATSSA branding on correspondence that has been sent out recently and this all ties in with the new web site.

This term WATSSA were approached to help the CRM team present some breakout sessions at this year's WAECSSA conference, held back in August at the Crown. Jon and I had the privilege of creating and presenting a session on using DAM and ICT Risk strategies and best practice. It was great from a WATSSA prospective to be invited to do those sessions and help share our knowledge with the other schools in attendance. It is helping us achieve that goal of providing meaningful and effective Professional Learning to all schools across the state.

Our next big event will be this year's AGM dinner on the 6th of November starting at 5:00pm, please save the date!

Well I think that's about enough waffle from me. Thanks again everyone and enjoy the newsletter!

Michael Raymond - President

Annual General Meeting

This year our AGM will be hosted separately. As 2020 has been such a challenge, we have decided to make an event out of it! Members are invited to come along and join us for this free event. Come celebrate with us at the Rendezvous hotel. The night will include complimentary drinks, 2-course meal and canapés as well as live entertainment from some local Perth talent. The Department of Education will also be making a brief appearance updating us on the plans for 2021.

Annual General Meeting

6 November 2020 - 5PM to 9PM

Rendezvous Hotel - Mentelle Room

148 The Esplanade, Scarborough 6019

Live Entertainment / Beverages / Canapés / 2-course set menu dinner

Smart casual attire

This event is free for all WATSSA members

Annual Membership Fee - $60 per year

Live Acts

Some of Perths top comedy acts will be live on the night! check out their socials below for more info.

By-laws Update 2020

The Committee has just approved some changes to the Associations By-Laws and under the Constitution of the Association, you as a member, are allowed 28 days to dispute the changes before they come in to effect.

Specific changes include:

- Introduction of a new Executive Position within the Management Committee.

- Reduction of one (1) general management committee member as a result of the above addition.

The majority of changes can be found in section 5 Committee & Sub-Committees

If you have a question, or would like to dispute the changes made to the By-Laws, you are required to provide your dispute, in writing, by replying to this email prior to Midnight, Friday October 2nd 2020. Pending any disputes, these by-laws will come in to effect on October 3rd 2020.

Shaun Barnett - Secretary

WATSSA Social Event - Term 2 Holidays

Go Karting

It was a quiet afternoon on July 9th as members of the WATSSA community turned up to the Canningvale Kart Centre. Excitement hung in the air as would be race drivers lined up to pay their fee and get to the racetrack.

After viewing a video about track etiquette and some good suggestions on driving techniques, we hit the pits. We entered our assigned cars and then we were off. Thirteen cars swiftly moved onto the tracks and then egos took over. Some of us were feeling the track out, as we had never raced before and so took it carefully. Others were flooring the accelerator in the hopes of taking the lead. There were bumps and slide outs as cornering was overcompensated or the speed was just too high and the brakes failed to hold the line. There were spins and loud bangs as some collided with the walls. Most of all, there was a lot of fun in the air.

Everyone had two 10-minute races. The first race decided who would run in what heat for the second race. The top-scoring half in one heat and the lower half in another heat. Scoring was by the time of each individual kart. Stats were printed out for each of your races showing you lap times and highlighting different aspects of the laps. In the end, we all had an absolute ball. It did not matter so much who won, but how much fun we had racing together. There were a lot of laughs and a lot of friendly competition between newfound friends and colleagues.

Places went to:

  • 1st - Ettienne Nel
  • 2nd - David Pracy
  • 3rd - Mark Boughton

Then we went and had dinner together at Market City Tavern. It was a good feed, a few drinks and a few laughs for the evening. All in all an enjoyable, fun afternoon and a great way to get to know others who are working away in our public schools as technicians.

Michael Boughton - Treasurer

A first of its kind in Australia, the Customer Xperience Centre showcases the key role that Cisco technologies plays in transforming your school for success in today’s digital world. During your visit, you will experience interactive demonstrations that showcase Cisco’s innovative solutions and how they are solving some of the most challenging issues in education today; such as remote learning, distance education, cybersecurity and enterprise networking.

Lynwood Senior High School

Network Upgrades

Recently I went through the process of upgrading the network at Lynwood SHS. The existing network was running on the school's original OM-1 fibre and had an oversupply of switches on the edge, some of which were still 100Mbit. Our initial step was to upgrade the fibre between the core and buildings to OM-4 12-core fibre. After this, we printed a list of our switches from the dashboard and asked several vendors to quote for a like-for-like design. Understandably, the initial costings were high with this approach. We decided to take a step back and soon realised the project was going to require a bit more work than first anticipated.

One of the vendors we engaged was R1i Technology, who immediately contacted us and came on-site to assess our needs in-depth. From this visit, we discussed the school's needs and were able to develop a design that I felt comfortably met our requirements. The main features of the design were to use PoE throughout and to take advantage of our 10gig backbone. Being a predominantly wireless school, we weren't using most of the data points around the site. As a result, we had many switches patched into data points that weren't active, meaning we didn't need as many switches on the edge because they were underutilised. By halving our requirements, we were able to upgrade our switches to have PoE and still come in under our initial budget expectations. After formalising the new proposal, we sent it to our network integrator for feedback. After receiving positive approval, we immediately began the AMC process.

Once approved, we began the rollout. Consolidating our network cabinets at the same time made sense as we were using fewer switches and data points. Scotcom were able to help us with this and supplied us with ultra-thin Cat 6 cables making cable management a lot easier. If you like tidy cabinets, you will love these pics below!

If anyone is going through the same process or thinking about upgrading their network, please feel free to reach out to WATSSA or myself for any assistance. We will be able to share experience and point you in the right direction. You can also contact the CSC and ask to be put in touch with one of the CRM team who are always willing to help. Finally, keep in mind that there are make/model requirements to consider when upgrading. More information can be found on ikon using the button below.

Jonathan Stanley - Vice President
School Tour - Term 3 Holidays

Joseph Banks Secondary College

School Tour - Term 3 Holidays

2nd of October 2020

WATSSA would like to present its Term 3 School Holiday event. For this event we will be heading to Joseph Banks Secondary College, a P-Tech school focusing on Cyber Security.

The day will include a school tour, a presentation from school staff on how the Joseph Banks SC IT Support Team operate, followed by a Cyber Security Attack and Defend Simulation presented by Fortinet.

In 2019, Joseph Banks Secondary College joined forces with Skilling Australia to become a P-Tech school, focusing in Cyber Security. Over the past year we have been developing student pathways to cyber security. Partnering with Industry and Tertiary, the College has developed multiple different courses and offerings for our students, including a CERT III in Cyber Security, offered on Campus. Attendees will have the opportunity to discover the excellent Cyber facilities that have been build and developed over the past 12 months.

As a WATSSA event, all WATSSA members are able to attend this PL for free. Non-members are welcome to attend, however there is a small charge to cover the cost of catering. Discount code available for members below.

Members discount - To be provided via email

Shaun Barnett - Secretary

K7Maths is an online subscription application used across Australia. The Department has confirmed through the Office of Digital Government that of the online application K7Maths has had a data breach. A number of Department email addresses contained within this application have been released online.

Identified individual accounts impacted by this breach have been notified and sent the following email. We encourage anyone who uses this application to change their password from today 4 September 2020 if you have not done so. Consideration should also be given to changing the password on personal accounts.

K7Maths Data Breach – Password Change Required

To reduce the risk to you and the Department, a forced password reset was applied to your Department email account on Thursday 3 September 2020. This means that you will be required to change your account password the next time you logon to your account.

This action has been taken because your corporate email address was contained in a data set held by the online service K7Maths and it has been confirmed by the Office of Digital Government that the contents of this dataset have now been made public.

If you have logged on since this forced reset was applied, you would have already been required to set a new password on your corporate account. If you have yet to do this, I urge you to do so immediately.

In addition to changing the password you use to access your corporate email account, I also encourage you to change passwords regularly on your personal accounts and not to use the same password across your accounts

Any enquiries relating to this issue should be directed to the ICT Customer Service Centre by lodging a support request through Ikon or calling 9264 5555 or 1800 012 828 for regional callers.

Reference - RITM0145942

Tim Yorke - Director of ICT Operations and Customer Service

Obsolete - Cisco AIR-LAP1142N-N-K9 Wireless Access Points

The Cisco AIR-LAP1142N-N-K9 Wireless Access Points (WAPs) have been in use since 2009 and reached end of support in 2018. This older technology is now having a detrimental impact on the performance of your school network.

Replacing these devices with newer technology will allow increased wireless performance and network reliability. This will also cater for the increasing technical requirements and improve the wireless connectivity at your school.

Schools are therefore asked to replace all AIR-LAP1142N-N-K9 WAPs and remove them from the network by the end of Term 4, 2020.

You can identify the WAPs to be replaced and calculate an approximate cost through the ICT school dashboard

We thank you in anticipation of your assistance with this matter.

Any enquiries relating to this issue should be directed to the ICT Customer Service Centre by lodging a support request through Ikon or calling 9264 5555 or 1800 012 828 for regional callers.

Glenn Veen - a/Chief Information Officer of Education Business Service

Members Feedback Survey

Recently WATSSA has been working with David Dans and the directors to deliver feedback on improvements for SOE. As part of gathering the required information, we would like to request members take the time to complete the survey below. This invaluable feedback will allow us to ensure that key priorities are addressed accordingly as per school's needs.

The survey will take no more than 5 minutes to complete. We would like to ask that you separate your ideas into the various boxes. We are specifically looking for feature requests and changes. There is a feedback box at the end for additional comments for WATSSA and/or DOE.

Thank you!

Jonathan Stanley - Vice President

Superloop CyberHound Security Showcase

Security Showcase Overview

To help Western Australian DET Schools enhance the security of their networks, Superloop CyberHound have been working closely with the Department of Education WA to develop a purpose-built authentication solution that integrates seamlessly with your school's existing Secure Internet Gateway (SIG).

Enhanced Internet Authentication and Network Security for DOE WA Schools

Schools today face ever growing threats from sophisticated cybercriminals. These bad actors are exploiting any network vulnerabilities including any devices connected or being added to the network.

To help Western Australian DET Schools enhance the security of their networks, Superloop CyberHound have been working closely with the Department of Education Western Australia to develop a purpose-built authentication solution that integrates seamlessly with your school's existing Secure Internet Gateway (SIG).

The CyberHound Secure Web Gateway compliments the Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) solution with enhanced internet management capabilities including single sign-on and transparent authentication. The solution also delivers greater insight into the online activity and overall well-being of students through customised filtering, alerts and reporting.

Summary of benefits:

  • Enhanced network security and data protection
  • New virtual appliance deployment using your existing VM infrastructure
  • Single sign-on and transparent authentication for internet access
  • Granular controls for web filtering including SSL inspection
  • YouTube analytics and caching options for lower bandwidth services
  • Enhanced insight into student welfare through our behavioural analytics platform ClearView
  • Online classroom tools for teachers to support desired learning goals and outcomes
  • Accommodates any additional School Managed Internet (SMI) connection

Until the end of Term 3 Superloop CyberHound have a special promotional offer on their new Virtual bundle for WA DET Schools. To find out more about this offer contact their Regional Manager Raph Tan on 0434 434 429.