Spring Rally 2019 By Lauren Caldwell, Christina Kan, Susan Wong, and Andrea Tran

Cover photo by Andrea Tran

On Mar. 8, the annual Spring Rally was held, concluding Spirit Week. Despite the windy and rainy weather, the stands were filled with spirited students dressed in yellow (freshman), green (sophomores), blue (juniors) and red (seniors).

Left: Lowell's Color Guards open up the rally. Right: Senior Makenna Kwik, a member of the Drum Corp, plays the drums. Photos by Susan Wong
Top: Lowell Song breaks at the beginning of their performance. Bottom left: Senior Isabelle Ho waves her pom-poms. Bottom right: Junior Nicole Flores slides into the splits. Photos by Susan Wong
Left: Freshman Sam Lawrence reaches for the flag on the Cardinal, senior Jovin Cheung in Chase the Cardinal. Photo by Susan Wong Right: One of the Cardinals, senior Jonah Nascimento, shows off his last flag. Photo by Lauren Caldwell
Senior Letter performs in front of the Class of 2019. Photos by Susan Wong
Left: Freshman Kimi Norway performs "Switch It Up" with the 2022 Dance Committee. Right: The freshman strike a pose in their routine. Photos by Lauren Caldwell
Top: The 2021 Dance Committee kicks off their performance with the song "Boyfriend." Photo by Susan Wong Bottom left: Sophomore Grace Thwin holds a pose in "Absadamente." Photo by Lauren Caldwell Bottom right: Sophomore Joanna Liu waves a heart at the crowd. Photo by Lauren Caldwell
Left: 2020 Dance Committee prepares to run onto the field. Photo by Christina Kan Right: Juniors bust down in the rain. Photo by Susan Wong
Top: 2019 Dance Committee performs through the rain. Photo by Susan Wong Bottom left: Senior Steven Gong prepares to jump over Senior Nathan Yee's headstand. Photo by Lauren Caldwell Bottom right: Seniors dance through the rain at their last rally until they got called off. Photo by Andrea Tran

The rally ended halfway through 2019 Dance Committee's performance, due to weather conditions. Lowell Cheer and Lowell Dance Company were unable to perform and students did not have the opportunity to participate in the Tug of War game.

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