Home Renovation By James Torrance

Our house was built in 1979. When we bought it in 2001, everything in the house was all original from 1979.

By 2016 the cabinets were falling apart, the counter was stained and the floor didn't seem to ever come clean. So..we decided to renovate a portion of the kitchen replacing only the cabinets and appliances.

This kitchen was just right for us when we moved in 16 years ago with our 3 small children. Now that everyone has grown up, we've out grown this space. See the countertop corner in the bottom left of this picture?
This was our dining room and pantry area. As we were measuring for cabinets to expand the kitchen by knocking out the pantry and moving the dining area further into the garage space. (See the same countertop corner on the right side of this pic?)
In this pic we have started to rip out the cabinets.
This is the garage as seen on the back side of the pantry. If you look slightly to the left, you can see the kitchen light shining through what used to be the pantry area. Where the gentleman is standing was where our washer and dryer were located in the garage. This picture was taken after the pipe had been moved. See the new bright white pipes slight to your right?
The plumbers had to bust open the concrete in the garage in order to move the pipes.
Now what's the point of having a new kitchen and dining area with all of the old floors. Well in order to put new floors in the dining area, we had to redo the floors in ALL of the common areas. This was the only way to maintain a flow from the kitchen/dining into our livingroom which is attached to both. Removed all old tile and flooring.
Remember the pantry door in the first pic? Gone. Replaced with a new wall approx 5 feet further than the pantry. (if you start at the lower left corner edge of this picture and follow it up, you can see where the old wall stops) Because the new dining area was never intended to be a dining area the floor was completely uneven all throughtout. These had to be leveled.
All floors..gone!
Well now I have the fever. Now I MUST update the livingroom which meant a new configuration. I think I want to mount my TV on the fireplace. That meant removing the mantle, punching holes in the wall to run the wiring, etc. As you can see, by the time we decided to update the LR, we already replaced most of the floors. See a glimpse here..
Piecing things back together. That is me adding a new light fixture.
Same hallway from 2 picture ago. (is that how you say that?)
Did I mention we also replaced all doors, all light fixtures, repainted the entire house and also renovated the community bathroom but those pics are not included.
The new diningroom.
New kitchen including countertops, appliances, back splash and flooring.
New livingroom. Got my TV on the fireplace. Notice the mantle on the wall to the right? Nice shelf.
Bathroom and additional pics of kitchen, dining room, and living room

New washer and dryer connections


Installing the kitchen backsplash


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