Delivery Drones The future of Same day shipping

Whenever you you on amazon or any of those shopping websites that have shipping to your home, you will notice the option for Same day delivery, 1 day shipping and even 2 day shipping. Normally you just have to wait for Canada Post, FedEx, UPS and such to deliver via a human, but no more. Amazon and Google have partnered up to create the future of delivery with drones.

Amazon (Top Photo) is working with google maps (Bottom Photo) and other sectors to deliver to your home with ease.

Although Amazon and Google have popularized the use of delivery drones, Other companies and such have been using micro-drones since at least 2005.

DHL has been experimenting with delivery drones in small mountain towns in Germany since at least 2013. These drones only carry small packages which makes it problematic for anything bigger than a tablet box.

Munition and MED dropping drones have been used by the military since 2005, although these drones only drop the delivery sometimes damaging it.

Medical Drones have been in testing around towns in Europe. These have had problems with actually finding their location.

Food delivery drones have been used in South America to deliver food to famished regions with hard to access area. These may only carry small food items.

These drones are completed automated, this means there is no human control behind these drones. They have the order placed and secured by another automated system and scans a code on the shipping label. The drone then locates the destination and goes and drops it off, it does not move once it lands at the destination, once someone presses the delivered button the drone takes off and goes back to its charging station.

Amazon Prime drone picking up a delivery

Although there are many problems with this new emerging tech, such as the local bylaws preventing drones from flying, airport no drone zones, and even not yet mapped or poorly mapped regions.

More cities are adopting bylaws that don't allow drones to fly.
You cannot fly a drone anywhere in Washington due to the security risks involving the president
Toronto has certain neighborhoods that have adopted no fly zones

Google and Amazon have both been working with different governments to try and get out of the ban, meaning they want to separate hobby flying and commercial flying into two different laws. This would allow them to use their drones are different heights from planes and hobby drones and would ban hobbyists from flying around the heights needed for commercial drones.

That's not to say that delivery drones can never happen, because there most likely will be a time when Amazon and Google's hard work will come through, and when that happens there will be so many opportunities to help the world. It will allow us to receive items that we need within hours of ordering, it will help improve the lives of those that cannot make it to different stores to buy items. The drones will also be available to everyone once google manages to map out everywhere.

Drones will be able to reach places that are almost impossible to get to by delivery van. They will be able to deliver supplies and medical aid to hard to reach areas such in Africa, South America and even The Canada North and Alaska.

In the end this will change how we will be able to deliver help around the world and even send things around the world. Imagine living in the Canadian North where the mail services come to pick up your mail every couple of days or even weeks, now with drones you'd be able to put your mail in a drone and send it off to the mail offices. Imagine living in a small mountain village, drones would be able to deliver medicine to your doctors without having to wait weeks for someone to make the trek across the mountains. Delivery drones may still be new to us, but once they come into play, you can imagine all the possibilities that they would bring.

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