Photography Midterm Joey Journeay

Hey I'm Joey welcome to my Midterm Portfolio! I find Street photography to be an aspect of photography that catches my interest the most at this time. To me the photographs produced are some of the most pure photographs out there and the expressions on peoples faces look quite amazing.

Here are the photos from my Inner Child revisited project. For this I went for more organic emotions than I did in my freshman year project. Something i learned while doing this project was about lenses which i did not have much prior experience with before hand. I learned about the grading system of the lenses.
I faced a lot of challenges when I went through the Day in my Life project. The project really pushed my creativity because I found myself having to find different ways to represent the same routes because my schedule all revolves around the same are which was a real struggle. With these photos I just found them to be the best because they have the most organic feel to them. In the photo of Mr. D I really like gaze he gives to Nhan as he is talking.
I found this project to be particularly harder than the others. It was a real challenge to come up with ideas that no one else in the class had thought of and having ideas that were not totally cliche. Overall I'm very pleased with how my photos turned out as a whole with my project. Some of the posters were definitely more challenging to think of ideas than others. The innovation poster was probably the hardest one to think of an idea of so i came up with a very abstract idea that would leave it up to the viewer to interpret it.
A good portrait in my opinion is one that is captures an identity along with a nice crisp photo. Portraits are the most sought out form of photography because they allow the model to convey a message about themselves or interests in one of the most pure forms of art to do so. I feel like these are good portraits because they do exactly that and let out a bit of the models personalities. With the first portrait of Nhan you get to see that he is interested in photography. With the second one of him you get his sassy, little diva side to come out which I think is a blessing to the world.
For my home project I found it difficult because I was having a busy weekend with family things going on but I found some time to go through my house that represented the concept of home to me. I really enjoyed having the ability to have an actual photography assignment for homework which is definitely a change of pace for me. A cool project that I think we can have is a story telling project that deals with focal points and depth of field. I can see classmates coming up with some really good ideas from a project of this type.

This semester has been a great time of improvement of my skills in photography. This year I feel like my time in photography also helped me get even more out of my shell. This class has really helped me to be less shy and more outgoing than before. I have seen my skills with photography really improve. The technical skills have improved quite a bit and now my photographs have better composition than before which is really nice.

Some goals that I have for this upcoming semester is to take good quality photos on a consistent basis and to also try and get in different perspectives for a shot rather than just getting the usual standing shot.

P.S. Cmon Mr. P we need to get the pinhole cameras moving out already!!

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