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Over the past four years Dame Ellen Pinsent have developed their own Data Tracking system, in conjunction with Adam Harrison IT Services, for children from Reception through to the end of Key Stage 2.

It enables us to enter, analyse, interpret, and present data, quickly, and in an easily understood format, at the click of a button. In addition it allows challenging targets to be set for all pupils.

It's main use so far has been with children working on P Levels and early N.C tracking against Progression Guidance.

Track follows best practice - "Collect once, use many times."

One button Import

Import from any assessment system which exports to an Excel spread sheet including SOLAR, Connecting Steps, Classroom Monitor and PIVATS.

We currently import from both SOLAR and Connecting Steps but the Tracker can be customised for use with any system that allows data to be exported as an excel spread sheet.

Amongst other features Track allows the school to easily ...

Analyse progress for different cohorts

Information can be filtered by any single, or combination of , drop down filters. It can show either the percentage or number of children in each quartile

Current filters available on system can be seen above. Ethnicity can be customised to reflect the cohorts in your own school.

Identify Concerns at Whole School Level

Quickly check the % of children in each quartile - either for the whole school or for identified groups using filters such as Pupil Premium, Learning Need, Gender, Ethnicity, Attendance

Here is an example of the overview for KS2 overall English, Reading & Writing over the first 2 terms

In addition children who are making accelerated progress are automatically set an extended target and their progress towards this tracked.

It is easy to track progress for groups and individuals and spot key trends and issues

Track Progress for cohorts and individuals. Progression Guidance is currently used at Dame Ellen to set the Upper, Median and Lower Quartiles - this is fully customisable, see information below.

Here is an example where there may be a cause for concern regarding progress in Science in the Spring Term. Individual subject sheets would then allow the coordinator to look in detail at the children who are making less progress.

Customisable for Your School

At Dame Ellen we have used the Progression Guidance Tables to set the quartiles for Reading, Writing, Maths Strands and Science Strands. In addition we have used the table we felt gave 'best fit' e.g Reading/ Writing for Speaking and Listening , to set Upper, Median and Lower Quartile targets in Speaking and Listening, Computing, P.H.S.E Strands and P.E

Any numerical scoring system can be used, and different expectations for different subjects can be used if a school wants to set them.

Track can be extended to track the progress of children at higher Key Stages

The initial price will include a basic set up session to enter the school data on to Track. This would also include customisation of Extended Targets, Ethnicity and Lookup Tables ( to set the Quartiles as required by individual schools.)

Many schools will be making decisions over the next year with regards to the scoring system they use to track progress and the expectations of progress for Key Stages. Once schools have decided the figures that they wish to use for their Lookup table to set the Quartiles this can be customised on Track at no cost by email or for a one off fee of £50 if you require a site visit.

No recurring cost unless schools want additional features.

Set Targets for New Children

Track will allow targets to be set for children no matter when they start at the school. It will be based on the level at which the child is baselined and will set equivalent targets to those set for children who are with you at the end of a Key Stage.

Set Extended Targets

Children who are making accelerated progress, are automatically set an extended target. This is based on their level at the beginning of the year and automatically sets a target above that needed to achieve Upper Quartile .

It is easy to see how many children are in the Lower, Median and Upper Quartile. In addition the information is clearly available as to the number of children who are on course to meet an Extended Target. The final column shows the % of children in Upper Quartile or above.

Detailed information on each Subject and Strand

Each subject and strand has its own spread sheet which can be sorted and filtered in a multitude of ways to look at in depth data for cohorts and individuals. Colour coding quickly highlights children for whom there is a concern. The End of Key Stage expectations for each individual are also shown.

This example shows the information for one class for English. Red, amber and 2 shades of green are used to identify the different quartiles. The moss green is for children who have been set, and are meeting, an extended target. The bright blue shows a child who, whilst still in Upper Quartile, may not be making sufficient progress to meet their extended target.

Print out current levels and targets for class teachers across subject areas.

Quickly collate the information and print out a class at a time ensuring that class teachers are well informed about their children's progress. Information can also be collated and printed for subject coordinators. Both these processes are automated and take only a few minutes.

Automatically generate reports in Word ready for comments to be added.

Reports can be generated for the whole school, individual Key Stages or for Year 6 pupils. One button press to put all the information in one document. Please see the document attached to the email for an example.

Sample page 1 from report - all information is given in % and actual figures since small numbers in cohorts can skew the percentages
Sample page 2


For whole school and individual year groups.

Get an overview of whole school ....
or individual year groups.


The current version of Track uses Progression Guidance and includes the facility to export to CASPA

Print out reports for individual children

Colour coded information showing their progress over the year including their end of Key Stage target.

Useful for reports of all kinds - for professional meetings and to use with parents.


£300 for Schools within Birmingham

£400 for schools within a 50 mile radius of Birmingham


Track Data System

Initial set up with customisation

Introductory training session

If you require more information please contact Mairi Eggar -

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