Good Life Tour Of The Harn Tobie PERKINS

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

This work of art is created on cotton cloth using synthetic dye. It is incredible to see it in person, because it really looks like there is texture, like perhaps the design is woven into the cloth. However, if you go up close, the patterns are actually dyed into the fabric. The technique is just incredible, because the designs truly seem to pop out of the page. The design is meant to show the incredible talent of the women in West Africa who create these designs. To me, it shows their incredible talent and ability to create art with limited resources. It made me feel as if I was experiencing a part of their culture.

Design Of the Museum

My favorite part of the museum's design was this arrangement of ceramic vases. It fills the entire wall, each one carefully arranged to create a beautiful arrangement, the different colors and sizes complementing eachother. To me, this was a beautiful and unique way to display these pieces, rather than individually placing them in glass boxes around a room. The shelf itself is a work of art, beautifully polished and unique, with the different shelves being different heights and widths. Like the vases belong to different culture, it feels as if they belong to someone, as if they are in a cabinet in someone's home.

Art and Core Values

This piece shows an aerial view of New York City. It appeals to two of my core values, loyalty and family. I am from a city too, Philadephia, and this piece reminds me of the beauty of the lights in the city. It appeals to the core value loyalty because it reminds me that no matter where I go, I will always be loyal to my friends and my city, and I will always be able to go back to my roots. It appeals to the value of family because my family lives in the city, and seeing this picture reminded me of the pure excitement of returning home and flying over the city, seeing the lights and knowing my family is down there somewhere.

Art and the Good Life

This piece is called "En el patio de mi casa", or "The Courtyard of my House." It was painted by Myrna Baez in 1980. In the picture, two clothed men accompany a nude woman during a picnic. The Good Life theme that is conveyed by this painting is "embodying." The woman in the picture, like the kouros, gazes back at the viewer and almost dares them to judge her body or stare at her. She is confident and immune to the gaze of others, even the men she is with. She has an air of confidence and contentment. Though the scene is a bit strange, she appears comfortable and like she belongs there. She demonstrates several components of embodying the Good Life, accepting her body and feeling comfortable within it, taking ownership of it. This painting is one of the first representations of embodying that I have seen that has other people in it. I think it helped me further the beauty of the nude painting, because even with the men in the background, this painting is truly a celebration of the woman, the main component of the scene.

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