White Rose by Barza brink

In June 1942- 1943 Christoph Probst and Hans formed a nonviolent group in Nazi Germany. This group consisted of the students and professors at the University of Munich. They also formed a leaflet campaign, it consisted of 4 to 6 leaflets.

This was constructed for the Germans to passively resist the Nazis. These people started the White Rose because they witnessed these Jews being shot and put in a pit to burn. Sophie Scholl, her brother Hans Scholl, Alex Schmorell, Willi Graf, and Christoph Probst influenced the white rose because they got tired of witnessing this horrific event .

These events were prohibited by the motivation of Christian beliefs. On June 27th and July 12th the White Rose started distributing their self through out Germany. Woman members of the white rose society traveled to different cities through out the country. The white rose forged travel papers so it doesn't cause as much.

White rose activist worked day and night to make sure that Jews will be safe from the Nazis. The leaflets that were hand made. Each member had different jobs for the leaflets .◦Sophie- Treasure, got stamps and papers,◦Christoph- criticizer, Hans and alex- wrote leaflets

Kurt Huber was the philosopher , he help write the leaflets. all members helped deliver the leaflets. They hand delivered at night. The recipients of the White Rose were chosen to throw off the gestapos. In February of 1943 on the 3rd , 8th, 15th Hans, Alex ,and Willi they put tar and paint slogans on the side of houses, that said "Down with Hitler" "Hitler Mass Murder" "freedom". After that the most dangerous rose act was over all the officers and police roamed the cities.

Nazis leaders

Article title: Nazis arrest White Rose resistance leaders - Feb 18, 1943 - HISTORY.com

Website title: HISTORY.com

URL: http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/nazis-arrest-white-rose-resistance-leaders

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