Roger The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Quote or Greeting: 'Don`t judge a book by its cover'.

Song now playing: Basketball warm up song by BasketballmotivationalyTVA

About me: I am a Spokane Indian and my best friend is Arnold and we both live rez . I like to play basketball with Arnold and fight people on the rez to show that im tough. Me and Arnold go to the same school but we are separated due to how big i am and how tough i am and how small Arnold is. My dad is a massive drunk and occasionally gets made and beats me in anger. My mom tries to stop him but she can`t.

My latest blog entry:Hey,chief,Roger said, ‘You want to hear a joke? Sure, I said. Did you know that Indians are living proof that niggers fuck buffalo? I felt like Roger had kicked me in the face. That was the most racist thing I`d ever heard in my life. Roger and his freinds were laughing like crazy. I hated them. And i knew i had to do something-big. I couldnt let them get away with that shit. I wasnt defending myself. I was defending Indians,black people, and buffalo.So i punched roger in the face.’

‘I struck some fake karate pose because i figured Roger`s gang was going to attack me for bloodying their leader. But they just stared at me. They were shocked. You punched me . he sounded insulted. He sounded like his poor little feelings had been hurt. I couldn't believe it. He acted like he was the one who`d been wronged.’

‘I felt brave all of a sudden. Yeah, maybe it was just a stupid and immature school yard fight.Or maybe it was the most important moment of my life, Maybe i was telling the world that i was no longer a humane target. You meet me after school right here i said. Why? He said. I could not believe he was so stupid. Because we are going to finish this fight. Your crazy Roger said. He got to his feet and walked away. His gang stared at me like i was a serial killer, and then they followed their leader.’

My interests and favorites:My favorite things involve getting in fights on the rez. I also likes to climb trees with Arnold and joke around with Arnold. I like beating people up and making people lose. He like going to the turtle pond and swimming there with Arnold. I Also like competing with friends and crushing them in sports and making himself look the best. Me and Arnold like climbing trees around the rez and around the city. I am also good at basketball and finds it fun and he is on a team with the Spokane Indian kids. I like free throws and like defense and other basketball related things. I like dreaming about his future and how he wants are conditioning and also thinking about leaving the rez and becoming something.

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