El Chupacabra CHANDI W. & AVION R. & KAI M.

The legend of El Chupacabra began in the mid 1990's when goats and chickens started turning up dead in Puerto Rico. The victimized creatures were found drained of blood with small puncture wounds. The experts at the time could not recognize the wounds, so the creature was a mystery. Over 100 chupacabra sightings later they named the creature El Chupacabra, which means "the goat sucker" in Spanish. The descriptions of the perplexing creature varies, however the most common version is that it was thought to be reptilian/lizard like. Concern for goats and other livestock increased when reports expanded to Mexico, Chile, Brazil, and the United States. The legend of El Chupacabra became an international dilemma.

El Chupacabra in Spanish means "the goat sucker" (Chupar~ means "to suck" and Cabra~ means goat)

Question; Is there any concrete evidence to prove the existence of El Chupacabra?

Answer; There is actually no evidence to prove that the Chupacabra has ever existed, but there has been several attempts (as the video above shows), that leave society puzzled on what to really believe.

The picture above is a drawing of what the Chupacabra supposedly looked like.
Whether El Chupacabra exists or not, reports of bloodless murdered livestock persist. and to date, no satisfactory predator has ever been caught.

To elaborate on the previous quotation, there is no real proof to show that the Chupacabra ever walked the earth. However, livestock died and there is no firm answer to explain how or why. The corpse was found drained of blood and scientists have yet to figure out the creature responsible for the small puncture wounds. Based on the evidence from www.animalplanet.com the Chupacabra does not exist.

The following picture is another description based drawing of what this mysterious creature might look like.
There are no known photographs of the Chupacabra. Many supposed images have turned out to be nothing than disease ridden coyotes.

Right when we thought we had solved the mystery, scientist shut it down. They argued that the pictures and videos of the supposed creature was only a diseased K-9 (coyote).Without evidence or proof,www.ancient-origins.net declared that the Chupacabra most likely does not exist.

The situation in Puerto Rico reached such a fever pitch that Mayor Jose Soto recruited volunteers to hunt the creature weekly for nearly a year, with no profound success

When things worsened in Puerto Rico the mayor decided to take action by holding a hunt for the unknown creature. Each week for nearly a year people went to search for the creature. Nothing was found so they stopped hunting, they had just assumed that it was some coyotes or wolves that killed livestock. It is believed that the Chupacabra never really existed, that maybe it was just a misunderstanding..

Our first theory was based on the question; "What are some descriptions of the Chupacabra?". Maybe it had the ability to blend in (camouflage) with its habitat/environment. We had to discard this theory because there are a variety of possible answers. The three sources we used to complete this assignment all gave different descriptions, for example one said it was grey, lizard-like, 3 to 4 ft tall (walks upright), and had sharp quills running down its back; another source said that it was large and hairless, with kangaroo like hands and feet. The evidence differs with every witness, so we as viewers and readers cannot believe every detail we read because there are too many "answers".

So why is it important to discuss the goat sucker? The creature began attacking livestock (farm animals), animals that we depend on for food. Without the animals, there is no food on the tables and no money being earned for the farmers. When the creature hit Puerto Rico, it was terrifying but manageable because there were multiple farms that could makeup for the loss. But when the deaths began to hit other countries it got a lot serious. With the Chupacabra spreading this fast within a year it was very crucial to mankind. It was also stressful because nobody knew what was killing livestock. If the Chupacabra got its way and the deaths continued our food chain would have been in need of repair.


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