It's the kind of job I get to do quite a bit these days. The client has a space (a building, an auditorium, a palace, an apartment...) that is being used in a certain way (an event, a space to live, a tournament...). The assignment: show how my space is being used.

It's the perfect job for a photographer who does both event photography and architectural photography. And so this is an assignment I get to do quite a bit these days — and it is always interesting.

Take this project, for instance. Last week I got a call from a company that rents out temporary spacing. "We have three fun projects in the city of Rotterdam which we would like you to photograph: a circus training centre; a sports school, and a comedy club!" The assignment: "show our space, and show how it is being used by these creative entrepreneurs."

Circus training & a gym

This building houses a gym and a circus training space, side by side. First, let me show you the (colorful) building. Of course a project like this requires some photo's of the outside.

The building in question is a old theatre. There are plans to redevelop the building, but that will not happen for a little while. In the mean time, it offers a home to circus performers and athletes.

The sports school, or gymnasium, is run by an enthusiastic entrepreneur and fitness coach. When I was there he had one client, and both of them graciously allowed me to photograph them at work.

Next to the gym is a space where professional and amateur circus performers can train together. Here are you can find jugglers, trapeze artists, acrobats and cheerleaders. That's one of the fun aspects of my job: it lands me in places and passions and hobbies and communities I never knew existed!

Comedy club

The comedy club is situated on the edge of the Maas, the major river that runs right through Rotterdam. This is another example of something I had no idea about. It is right underneath one of the major roads. I drive there all the time; I never knew there was a comedy club there! Here is a picture of the outside, followed by a picture of the inside.

The comedy club was very dark. I took this photo in three stages. First, I exposed for the Stand up comedian. Then I exposed for the lights at the atmosphere. And finally I exposed for the audience. I used a tripod to keep the camera in place. The images were blended together in Photoshop.
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