The Best of What Canada Has to Offer bY: SAPNA SAHOTA

There are many reasons Canada is a great country and home to many of us, and we would like to appreciate what it has to offer for us. Here are three reasons why Canada is meaningful to me.

Health Care in Canada

In Canada the health care system is free of cost. Everything is free of cost except dental care and prescription medications, though most insurance companies have that covered. This legislation passed in in 1957, 1966 and 1984. This law was first and thought about in Saskatchewan 1962 (The History of Health Care in Canada). Nobody really thought it would eventually cover the whole countries fee. During the election, which occurred in 1960 the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation won 42 percent of the votes and 37 of the 54 seats in the legislature. Due to the lack of jobs and money at the time there were still some people who did not want this legislation to pass. The medicare in Canada officially started in 1968 (Brown Lorne, and Doug Taylor).

I think Health care in Canada is important to appreciate because not all countries have a free of cost medicare system. Due to the passed law in 1962 we today do not suffer from the lack of money to pay our medicare fees. On Canada's 150th I think we should appreciate our medical system because there are many lives out there suffering from the lack of money and doctors to help them. We should thank the government for continuing to pass this law and helping their country to succeed.


In Canada diversity plays a very important roll. People from variety of countries in the world have joined together to make this one country. Canada was originally occupied by Aboriginal's. In 1971 Canada was the first country to have these different cultured people in one country. Prime Minister Trudeau had created a law of a Charter of Rights and Freedoms for the multicultural people in 1982. 20 percent of the Canadian population is created by immigrants. More than 200 languages are spoken in Canada but the 2 main languages spoken are English and French. In the future it has been said Toronto will be 63 percent multicultural (Evans, Lisa).

Different communities and cultures have joined together to create "Canada." I would like to appreciate the fact how different communities no knowingly have worked together to build up this independent country. Not just one specific group of people can create such an outgoing and quickly developing country, there has to variety of cultures. It is important for us Canadians to acknowledge how this country was created. Now Canada is probably the most multicultural country. We have learned about different communities and even got to know a little bit about their background.


There are many attractions all over Canada. Some of the these attractions are Rocky Mountains, Niagara Falls, CN Tower, Parliament Hill, Museums, and more. These attractions in Canada bring more people to come and visit. There are some natural attractions and man-made attractions. Rocky Mountains was a natural cause and now it is formed to be an attraction. One of the greatest attractions is CN Tower, it was fully built in 1976 and was once the tallest tower in the world(A Brief Overview of the CN Tower).

We should appreciate these attractions because they all represent Canada in a unique way. I chose some of these attractions because when I went to Rocky Mountains it did not feel like I'm in Canada or anywhere near there. Canada is unique in this way because in different areas there are different types of landforms which causes it to look like different countries. Canada is very lucky to have that because most of the countries only have one specific landform.

In conclusion, Canada is a very beautiful country and we should all celebrate the 150th birthday with joy and be proud that we are Canadians.


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