Create a Creature Project By: Tyler Boggs

Genus: Mykiss Salmoides Species: Fish Common Name: Saltwater Steelhead Bass

Zones: Neritic, Photic, and Demersal

  • Traits That Make My Fish Well-Suited to Live Here:
  • Colorful
  • Can blend in
  • Likes to hide and stay in structure

Movement & Breathing: Nektonic - uses its fins to move/swim; Breathes with its gills

Color and Size: Colorful, rainbow-like fish with the average size of 5-10lbs

Attack: Eats smaller fish and some plant life (omnivore); Has a good sense of sight and smell

Defense: Uses structure to hide in and around; has sharp fins

Reproduction: Polyandrous; Females will lay thousands of eggs and then the males will protect the nest

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