Rapid Industrial Development Josh Gillen Hour 4

The Industrial Revolution rapidly swept the nation and the world. The invention of the cotton jin made cotton production 50x faster. Inventions like these paved the way for the Industrial Revolution Rapid development of industrialization is a blessing because it provided more jobs, improved communication, and ameliorated transportation.

The Industrial Revolution created jobs. Machines were built to manufacture items on a large scale. Factories were built to house machines so companies could create clothes or process meat faster than they ever could. People were needed to do the handiwork or power the machines or transport the products or oversee the machines. This also means that parts could be made interchangeable, this discovery made the process much faster. Therfore more jobs were created.
Communication improved as well. Communication before the industrial revolution was very slow. Curriers on horseback ran letters to and from cities. That all changed with the invention of the telegraph. People could code messages practically instantly through wire to a receiver on the other end. The invention of the railroad also helped. People could send packages and mail to people on the other side of the country
Finally, transportation was much faster after the Industrial Revolution. The invention of the railway system and train made traveling great distances a whole lot faster. What used to take weeks took days. The country was connected on a deeper level with the invention of the train

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