2.7 Analyse the application of risk management strategies to a challenging outdoor activity. By: malaea Stowers.

Introduction-I will be be writing a report on Whitewater Rafting.On this trip I was very excited but a little bit nervous cause I had no idea what to expect on this trip.I like how everyone was so enthusiastic on the trip, this trip had given me the opportunity to experience whitewater rafting for the first time.

a)Most relevant risk and casual factor.

The most relevant risk was that we could get drowning if my team wasn't work together as team without our three goals communication,cooperation and trust.

b)Why is it the most relevant?

The most relevant risk was that we could get cramps if my team wasn't work together and didn't participate as a team together.Also not were the correct equipment my team

2) Explanation of your choice and application of risk management strategies.

Before the trip-Our teacher gave us the medical form to fill up the questions and your signature.After that Ms Harrington told us to go to our group that she divided us during our Sport Leadership class at school.She also told us to go to the changing room to get change.

During the trip-People identify this trip we were listening to instructor what did they told us what to do during this activity experience.After when the instructor talk they told us to go to the shelves to tell the other instructors what sizes of your shoes,and also the sizes that you want for the life jackets which is small,medium and large.Also each group have to have an a instructor going with them during this activity experience and we have to decided which activity experience we want to do first and last.For these three activity experience they all 1 hour to enjoy this activity experience we did choose.

b) Why do you believe that these strategies were relevant strategies for managing the identified risk?Support your answer with specific examples from your experiences at camp and your knowledge of the science behind the strategies.

The reason why I believe that these strategies were relevant strategies for managing risk was that everyone in the group must wear a safety equipment so that we won't get cramps and drowning for example like when the flipping over up side down and you can't swim you will get drowning.Also we must filled in the medical permission slip cause the reason why we filled in this permission slip is that the teacher and the instructor knows something that you are not good at it for example like can't swim or maybe you have an medicines and allergies.According to my relevant strategies or managing risk support with specific examples from the experience at our trip was that this trip is safety cause everyone was follow the rules of what the instructor tell us to do.

3) Make a comprehensive judgement.

a)What risk management strategy was the most relevant to the identified risk and why?

The strategies that I use was that listen carefully,good behavior,respect to ohters and follow the instruction that the instructor

b)How did using this strategy impact on your emotional,physical and/or cultural safety?

Emotional-This is showing the stress how some other people in the team angry,sacred by not going back on the water to do any of those activity.Everyone got stressed and frustrated when their first time when their boat flipping up side first time.

Physical-This showing the most risk was that at the beginning of the trip when we enter inside the water we got scared cause we can see that is deep and it so terrible when the boat flipping up side down we got drowning and extremely stressed

Cultural Safety-This showing strategy and outcomes in countries,face and honor in cultures is based by different social management risk.Some other wants to showing their own cultural way when they are going to the water.

c)What were the positive and/or negative impacts on you and/or the group when you applied this strategy?Support your answer with specific examples from your experiences at Wero whitewater Park.

The positive impacts was that everyone in the team was participate,listen carefully,support and encouragement each other during of these all the different three activity experience for example this when each of the team trying to tell everyone in their team members to participate,support this is showing me the positive way of learning how can we behavior our self and others.

d)What modifications would you make to your use of this strategy for the future?

My modification would I make to use of this strategy for the future is that I have to communicate,trust and co-operate by using these three goals is outstanding me by achieving my every single one of three activity experience during this trip of Wero whitewater. Cause I use participate,support.listen to the instructor and encouragement others.This is the most good strategy everyone should use this

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