The Adore Girls 2017 Session and Pricing Guide

It's more than just a photo shoot, it's an experience.

Created for women - by women.

Boudoir is...

Boudoir, to us, is about allowing yourself to connect with your sensual side. It's about giving yourself permission to feel and be sexy. It's about crushing your insecurities and getting out of your comfort zone. It's about seeing yourself as the gorgeous, sexy, powerful, sensual woman you already are.

Let us show you...

The Adore Girls Studio

Our studio is your sexy safe space. It's a place of absolutely no judgement and where egos are encouraged.

We are an all-female staff and work out of our private, 2,200 square foot, 1940's stone cottage studio. We are the only photography studio in Nashville that gives you such a unique and realistic boudoir setting.

I can't do a boudoir session because...

"I am not a model." You're in luck, because we do not photograph models. We photograph everyday women, just like you - REAL WOMEN - who are stay-at-home Moms, doctors, school teachers, lawyers, police officers, nurses, etc. An Adore Girl is any woman of any walk of life, shape, height, color, size or age.

"I don't know how to be sexy!" Oh, but you do! We coach and direct you throughout the entire session and help you find that sensual side that has been hiding in there all along. You do not have to know how to pose or what to do when you walk through our door - that is what we are here for!

"I need to lose 5, 10, 15 pounds first." FALSE, FALSE, FALSE. Boudoir is about giving yourself permission to feel sexy today, right now, in the skin you are in. OWN IT AND ROCK IT! Confidence is the new sexy.


We get asked all the time, "You will Photoshop me, right?"

We always talk to our clients about the level of editing they prefer, as well as what they want us to leave in and what they want us to take out of their images.

How we use it: We do basic skin retouching and image clean-up for every image. This means we will smooth the skin and remove any minor imperfections, such as acne, bruises, cuts and scraps, bumps, etc. Our full-editing services also include heavier retouches, such as removal of cellulite, stretch marks, or scars, per your request, at no extra charge*.

How we do not use it: While we are perfectly willing to apply a little "digital Spanx" here and there if necessary, we will NEVER alter a body to be a completely different shape or size. We promise, you will always look like you in every image.

Above all, the primary function of Photoshop at our studio is to apply gorgeous, creative edits to each image to achieve that signature Adore Girls look.

*Extensive retouching excluded.



Dream Session | 1250

The Dream Session is the Ultimate Boudoir Experience! Your experience includes:

Professional hair and makeup, complimentary mimosas, complimentary head shots with three free images, up to four outfits on multiple sets, on-set direction and posing, gorgeous editing and retouching with creative edits, in-studio Image Debut & Ordering Session and 10 digital images with a print release.

Mini Session | 750

Includes: two outfits, on-set direction and posing, gorgeous editing and retouching with creative edits, in-studio Image Debut & Ordering Session and 5 digital images with a print release.

Add hair and makeup | 125

The Adore Girl Video Production | 500

When you add the Adore Girl Video Production to your session, Jamie and Courtney will work side-by-side, capturing beautiful still images and video simultaneously. We coach you every step of the way through natural, sexy movements to create a sensual, professional-quality music video that will blow your mind!


Additional digital images are $100 each.

Receive your images printed for FREE in an album and in your own Mobile Gallery App with 15 or more total images!

15-19 total images: complimentary 4x6 Little Black Book and Mobile Gallery App. $700 Value

20+ total images: complimentary 8x8 Designer Album and Mobile Gallery App. $1000 Value

Whole Gallery Collection

When you purchase your whole gallery collection (every final image) you will receive special pricing on your gallery, all of your images as digital files plus our gorgeous complimentary 8x12 Adore Girl Luxury Collection, slideshow of your images set to music and a Mobile Gallery App. $2950-3950 total savings!

Luxury Collection includes: 30-35 of your favorites images in an 8x12 Album, 2 of your favorite images in an 8x12 Folio and both come in a beautiful Keepsake Box. 20 gorgeous covers to choose from.


Flexible, interest-free payment plans are available on all orders.

Balances can be broken into 12 payments max due weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. We do hold the images and product until paid in full. Please plan your session accordingly if you need your order back by a specific date.


Do I bring my own outfits?

Yes, you will bring your own outfits for your session. Feel free to bring a few extra choices as options when you come to the studio. We will spend the first 15-20 minutes going through your wardrobe and picking the perfect pieces for your session. Please take time before your appointment to try on all of your pieces to ensure they fit properly. We cannot stress this enough! We also have a variety of heels in sizes 6-11 at the studio that you are more than welcome to borrow for your shoot.

I need my order back by a specific date. When should I book?

When an order is needed back by a specific date, we like to have your shoot scheduled 4-6 weeks prior to that date, just to be on the safe side. This ensures plenty of time for the session, editing of your images, Image Debut, and the production of your album. Turn-around time for albums is 1-3 weeks depending on which album you go in to. Please keep in mind that if you choose a payment plan for your order, we hold all images and products until they are paid in full. If you would like to do a payment plan, please plan accordingly.

Can I schedule my session on a Saturday?

Yes! We schedule sessions Monday - Saturday at 9am and 1:30pm. Saturdays are always the first days to fill up, with Fridays filling up second, and those days can book up months in advance. If you need a Friday or Saturday, it is best book and schedule your session as soon as you can.

Do I have to place an order at my Image Debut for additional images? Do you hold on to the images for a while after the Debut?

You will place your order for any additional images at the Image Debut and Ordering Session. We only archive the images you have purchased, just in case something happens to your images down the road and you need them replaced. Once your order is placed, all sales are final and cannot be downgraded.

I don’t know how to pose sexy! Will you help?

YES, ma'am!! We are going to direct and guide you through the entire session. We get into the pose to show you how it looks, and then we help you get into the pose. We help you every step of the way, from your fingers to your toes. We will direct and coach you throughout the entire session to ensure that we capture your most natural poses, movement, and expressions of emotion.

Do I have to be nude?

Absolutely not! Every aspect of your session is tailored to YOUR comfort level, including poses and wardrobe (or lack thereof). However, if you decide that you are comfortable enough to shoot some nude and/or topless poses, rest assured they will be very tastefully done.

Can I bring props with me for my session?

One little prop is fine in some cases. However, please keep in mind that our studio is an actual house setting, so your prop has to make sense in the setting. If you have quite a few props that you want to incorporate into your shoot, we have to know about it prior to booking because a custom shoot may be required.

I’m so pale! Should I tan?

We highly recommend NOT tanning for your session. Deep tans from the tanning bed and spray tans all photograph with an orange tint, even those that look natural to the naked eye. It is, therefore, important to note that we do not color-correct or even-out skin tones from tanning, nor do we edit out harsh tan lines.

Can I reschedule my session?

You can reschedule your session once, as long the request is made at least 14 days prior to your session date. Your session must be rescheduled within 60 days of the original date. Rescheduling requests made less than 14 days prior to your session date will be subject to a $150 rescheduling fee. (Special consideration can be made for special circumstances.) More than one reschedule requires a new retainer.

Can I bring my friend with me?

We would rather you not. We need 100% of you to be present with us during your photo session, meaning we don't want you to hold back because you are not comfortable posing and feeling sexy in front of whomever you brought to the studio with you. If you do bring someone with you they have to stay in the hair and makeup room and are not allowed to be in the shooting areas.

Can my husband or boyfriend come to my session?

We do not allow for husbands or boyfriends in the studio while we are shooting. However, they are welcome to join you in the studio for your Image Debut.

Are you ready?
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