Non- Fiction BY: Libby Korman

Non Fiction is writing that is based on facts, real events, and real people, such as biography or history.
There is a lot of non fiction books and articles that you can read. One is magazines and there is different genres you can read. Some people prefer reading about nature or animals instead of celebrities, but some people do like reading about celebrities also.
You probably read non fiction writings more then you think. For example the newspaper is a non fiction writing.
You also use non fiction in school when you are using your text books.
A non fiction book that I read was "We Had Everything But Money". It is about the Great depression, people who lived during the depression wrote about their memories or struggles their family and many others had.
Some non fiction titles can be bias, so you should watch what you read. People can make stuff up but say its non fiction so you will believe it.
Movies that are based on true stories have true events in them but parts are also made up so don' t always believe everything you see or hear.
The main difference between non fiction and fiction is that fiction is made up, and non fiction is true. Also non fiction is usually made to inform someone and fiction is made for someone to enjoy.

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