Developing A Nation

Sanitation is key to a developing country, a better way of getting rid of waste will make a country healthier from disease
Health Care in a developing country would benefit them, they would be more aware and have longer life expectency
A updated water system would really help a developing country, the water is dirty and shortens the life span since filthy water can cause disease.
Providing education in a developing country could help with population transition, the kids there are the kids of the future they are the ones who could make a change in their country.
An updated road system will benefit and make transporting goods easier
An updated law system to keep the street laws more controlled and a more organized street and transport system.
Better jobs for people to have a better income.
The life span is low with a High birth rate, is a must fix when developing a country.
As the years increased the population increased as well, causing a high population with a low death rate at a young age.

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