Your Nervous System And How It Works your nervous system is every important.


Did you know that your Brain controls your actionsl. Your nerves, Your spinal cord,and your brain make up the nervous system.


Nerves look like gray threads. Your body has more nerves than you can count. Nerves are made of cells called neurons. Most neurons have cell body, an axon,and many dendrites. Inside the cell body is a nucleus,or control center. Dendrites look like short trees. They receive electric signals from other neurons. And between the end of one neuron's axon and the dendrites of another nerve cell is a tiny gap,called a synapse.


Your brain is a big part of your nervous system. The nervous system controls all activities in your body. The different parts of your body must work together precisely to carry out even the simplest action.

Parts of The Nervous System

The nervous system is divided into two main parts. Part one is the central nervous system or CNS...and the peripheral nervous system or the PNS.


Your neurons do a chain reaction! The message goes to your brain...These messages move from the brain through nerves and out the body.

Nerves carry messages from your sense organs-your eyes,ears,nose,mouth,or even...your skin. Make up your body sense.


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