Poetry Perseveres Social media campaign plan

Message: Poetry can be a powerful tool for advocacy and mental health.

Aim: To show others they are not alone during the time of COVID-19.

LOGO: The image to the right will be the logo for this campaign's Instagram and Twitter accounts, as well as end card for its introductory video.

AUDIENCE: Anyone who likes to write poetry.

PLATFORM CHOICES: Instagram and Twitter. Why? Because these two platforms work the best for written user-shared content, of which much of this movement/campaign is based on.


The first Instagram and Twitter posts will be a video introducing the movement. This video will be up in full, as is viewable below, on the movement's website. The Twitter and Instagram versions will be 53 seconds long, starting from Robert Frost's quote.

"Poetry is a way of taking life by the throat." -Robert Frost

ENGAGEMENT: My posts will encourage users to share their poetry using the hashtag #poetryperseveres. This user-generated poetry will then be featured both on Instagram and Twitter.



Instagram Stories

Engagement: Another form of prompting user engagement would be via Instagram stories asking "this or that?" on various poetry-related topics.

Instagram stories would also be a mode of metrics- to gauge what the audience likes and dislikes, as well as how much they really see my posts.


To keep track of how well my campaign was going, I would use:

  • Instagram Insights > I would use Instagram's native "insights," provided to professional pages, to gauge user interaction with my campaign. I would check Insights on a monthly basis, observing the views on each post, activity including accounts reached, profile visits and website clicks, and the audience demographic.
  • Twitter Analytics > Similar to Instagram, I would review regularly the analytics Twitter could provide my professional page, including the audience Reach, Impressions and Engagement.
  • Google Analytics > Finally, I would use Google Analytics to see how well my website was doing. I would look at: user traffic as a whole, link clicks, audience demographics, and which of my website's pages was most popular.


I talk about my social media campaign having a website. What would it be? Well, something like this very site! The website would be linked under the bio in each social media account.

CREDIT & Sources

All photography featured in this project is my own, except for two properly-credited stock photos. For the purposes of this project plan, all "user-generated" poetry is my own as well. The poem that is read at the beginning of the video ("Hope," by Joseph Addison) is in the public domain. Graphic doodles featured in some instagram posts are from Canva. Music used in the video is from freeplaymusic.com, under the education/classroom use license. The logo featured for this campaign's website, video and social media is of my own design and imagination.