Retrieval Practice Self-Study

In my Retrieval practice of self study I use three new techniques group quizzing, tutoring, and recite and record. I have chosen to use tutoring to help me study and prepare for quizzes and tests. In Spanish 2020, I began to meet with professor Garcia the day before class and after class to help me prepare for quizzes and tests. I went to him so I can better understand the material and prepare for the test. During the tutoring sessions he would give me practice examples to work on. Also, we would practice pronunciation and grammar mechanics used in Spanish. This session started on Monday, Tuesday ,and Wednesday it last for thirty minutes. After taking my second quiz, I was able to improve my grade by sixteen points. Therefore, I love the tutoring technique because I am able to comprehend the material and ask questions directly to the professor.

Spanish second Quiz

Spanish Third Quiz


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