Tattoos on the Heart. Matthew DesCOteaux

Chapter 8:Success. The main theme of this chapter is success. "The world offers you comfort, but you were not made for comfort you were made for greatness." (Pope Benedict XVI). My favorite story in this chapter is the one about Manny. He came back to the homeboy hq to tell Greg that he was starting college. He valued his accomplishments. Manny wasent worried that he had to use food stamps he was just happy that his work went into something. He had so much to live for because he was going to college just next week. Manny was so proud of himself just for making it to college.

Chapter 3: Compassion. The main idea of this chapter is compassion. Compassion to me is seeing people suffer and helpe them out. The story that spoke to me the most is about the Dolores Mission Church. Greg talks about all the hate messages that he received about the church. I don't understand how you can see any other human being as lesser than you. They called the people there nasty racial slurs and even painted them on the church. Instead of covering the slurs up they decided to leave them up on the church. When people call you names they are just trying to get to you. If you don't let the names get to you then you have won the battle.

Chapter 1: God, I guess. This chapter is about living your life with god. If we don't believe in god we don't believe in life. My favorite story is about scrappy. Scrappy had build up a reputation of being a bad boy. He went to Greg to change his life. This reminds me of how we can always go to god and ask for forgiveness. God is always willing to take us back in. His love is endless. He will never stop loving us. All we have to do is believe and follow him.

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