Clean Asphalt Sand with Dry silt cakes
The Finemaster and water / sludge management plant is proving very successful in the industry sayid Emerald Equipment Systems® “This combination of equipment is proving to be a very efficient means of producing high quality washed manufactured sand, while significantly reducing the water required to feed the plant through the introduction of recycling through the Matec system. The addition of the Plate Press negates sludge ponds completely allowing significantly reducing cleanout costs for the end user .

Dry AASHTO #10 material was mixed with water to create a slurry before entering the Finesmaster 120 Compact

The dual stage Slurrybox provided 1000gpm of water to create the sand mixture. The Fully adjustable water injection allows complete control of mixture

Modular design allowed the historically dry crushing plant to wash without interfering with existing plant

Finesmaster 120 Compact Single Grade

Washing AASHTO #10 to produce CLEAN manufactured ASPHALT SAND

  • Modular plant, small footprint
  • One electric and water connection
  • Full maintenance access

The Hydrocyclone efficiently capture all saleable material and dispense on the high frequency dewatering screen

Waste water (200mesh below) is sent to the water / silt management plant

Clean, Consistent Manufactured Asphalt Sand

  • Less than 3% silt in the final product
  • Low moisture content so sand can be utilized immediately
  • Consistent material gradation delivering superior product

Modular PU media on the high frequency screenbox reduces sand moisture to 10% or less

All contaminants removed from feed material producing on clean, dry saleable sand

The Water & Silt Management Plant

H&K installed a closed loop water and silt management system to eliminate the need for settlement or silt ponds. Eliminating ponds would not only reduce cleanout and labor costs, but also provide maximum water recycling to the plant reducing the burden on local resources

37,000gal Stainless Steel Silo

Flocculated slurry separates in the tank; clarified water to overflows the weir and back to the washplant, thickened sludge falls to bottom of the cone for discharge

Recycle over 90% of the water with a closed loop Water Management System

DOSON system ensures optimum flocculant dosage and reduced running costs.

Mud sensor allows tighter control over the sludge density producing thicker mud reducing press cycle times

Installing the DOSON systems produces cleaner, clear water for recycling back to the plant

1.3m x 1.3m plate press installed producing over 10tph per cycle of dry silt cakes

Thicker mud which is pumped to press at high pressure, ensures less than 20min cycle times

TT2 Fast installed ensuring faster plate opening and closing thus aiding faster cycle times

No additional flocculant required to produce silt cakes

The 2 stage HPT Mud pump allows faster cycling and drier cakes by filtering all the water from cakes at higher pressures.

Drier cakes are much easier to handle with reduced volume

Once the press detects all the water has been filtered from the cakes, the pumps switches off signaling end of cycle

The plate press opens in packs of 10 allowing fast discharge of the silt cakes.

The low moisture cakes are easily handled and stacked reducing cleanup costs

Our vision of this project was to cut down on the #200 particle size in our AASHTO #10 product and keep a consistent gradation. We struggled to do so with our dry application. The turnkey project supplied by Emerald has been a success from start to finish” says Pep Hunsicker of H&K Group, Inc.

For more information on our products please visit : www.emeraldequipmentsystems.com

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