Softball By sarah kent

Do you know what sport was invented on Thanksgiving day in Chicago in 1887? If you guessed softball you are correct. Let's talk about its history, learn some fun facts, and know what equipment you need in order to play.


One thing you need is a bat. You need a bat when it is your turn at home plate. Another thing that you need is a fielding glove. You need this when you are in the outfield so when you catch the ball it does not hurt your hand. The most important piece of equipment is a ball. You need this when you are pitching to the batter. One final thing is a helmet. A helmet is essential for safety reasons to avoid injuries. Once you have all the necessary equipment, you are ready to play!


They are a lot of interesting facts about softball. One interesting piece of trivia is that softballs are larger and a bit heavier than baseballs. Softball bats are also larger and have a smaller and wider barrel. A team requires only nine players. Lastly, before it was called softball it was called things such as " indoor baseball," " kitten ball" and " pumpkin ball." Those are some fun facts about softball!


Due to its popularity, there is a lot of history on softball. In 1926, they made the decision tolet softball into the upcoming Olympic Games. Since 1952, 113 counties made softball an official sport. Today softball is one of the most popular sports. An estimated 40 million people play softball every year. Softball has a very interesting, long history.

Below shows some of the equipment used to play softball.

Softball is so much fun! Softball has an interesting history, cool facts, and the equipment you need is very important when playing the game. With more girls joining teams in school, its popularity and history will continue to grow.


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