Propaganda Analysis Colin Fahringer - Bell 5

This commercial is an example of Negative Transfer. When Hillary is shown and quoted, it is in black and white. This makes it colorless and leaves her with an evil impression as represented by black. The video quotes Hillary saying words such as super predators, basement dwellers, and deplorables. The reason this commercial is Negative Transfer is at the end, Hillary is claimed to be "Elitist Arrogance". This is claiming Hillary is a snob. This was possible due to Hillary using snob appeal constantly for her run for President. These specific quotes were chosen to make Hillary look bad by making her seem like she thinks she is better than everybody else, the masses. The images of Hillary used make her seem angry and aggressive, not the kind and compassionate person we want our President to be. The final picture is one of Trump and there is a sea of people crowded behind him, showing bandwagon. If they're with Trump, you should be too. This point is further shown by the blue backgrounds that appear at times, meaning to show loyalty in Trump. With all the images and low camera angles of Hillary, it makes her look like a scary person, almost like she would be a dictator. This adds in appeal to fear.

This commercial is an example of testimony. The commercial features a United States armed forces veteran. He goes on and cherry picks out words from Trump like calling women pigs, dogs, and pit bulls. This upsets the veteran as he doesn't want his three daughters to grow up having to deal with that. The veteran states he is a Republican and still doesn't support Trump, even going as far to say, "Trump's America is not the country I fought for." Words like proud are used and makes this also appeal to pride. The veteran says he wants his girls to grow up proud, valued, and respected. This also is appeal to patriotism since America loves their soldiers, if a soldier is against Trump and voting for Hillary, that inspires others to do the same.

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