Harn Museum of Art Imogen Bowden

Medium/Technique of the Art/Artist

One piece of art that I saw while visiting the Harn that I found to be particularly striking was the large 'Guerrilla Girl's' advertisement plastered across the wall. The artwork made me feel empowered as it was calling out Museums across the country for their lack of representation of the work of female artists yet their use of the depictions of naked females in many of their pieces. The artist who created the advertisement used bright colors such as yellow and pink to grab the viewers attention and emphasize the statistics presented. The artist also used the visualization of a naked female body, however in a twist the body has the head of a gorilla. This places attention on the artists who was a member of the feminist group Guerilla Girls who fought for equal rights for women through the arts.

Photo 1: Taken in the 'Guerrilla Girls' exhibit

Design of the Museum

The Harn was noticeably well planned in it's arrangement of the different exhibits throughout the museum. The rooms were designed to allow easy viewing of all the art pieces as well as maintaining adequate lighting throughout. I particularly enjoyed the several exhibits dedicated the Latin American, Native American and other foreign or indigenous art. The Latin American exhibit was well organized to flow from paintings to photographs to sculptures, helping the visitors to navigate through the art and culture presented. Much of the art involved music, something exemplified in Latin American culture. The design of this exhibit also highlighted some lesser known parts of the Latin American culture such as the popularity of black and white or printed images without color. This exhibit allowed me to become more knowledgeable on Latin American culture due to the thoughtful layout.

Photo 2: Taken in the Latin American section of the Museum

Art and Core Values

One of my core values is hard work. I believe that if I work hard enough I will achieve great things in life and be able to live the lifestyle that appeals to me, namely in a large city with a beautiful skyline such as New York. The piece captured below in Photo 3 appeals to me as it gives me a visualization of what I one day hope to achieve. The painting inspires hope and desire in me. This direct visualization of something I have so far only been able to imagine helps me better understand what I believe in as with hard work I will be able to make my hopes a reality and finally move to a city such as the one pictured. I cherish artwork such as this as it gives me a small look into what could be my future.

Photo 3: Taken in the Modern painting and photograph section

Art and the Good Life

One of the themes that we have explored so far in the Good Life class is seeking the good life. This is best portrayed below in Photo 4 as it depicts a sunny scene on a grassy hillside where both children and adults are seemingly at peace. While the lifestyle depicted is certainly not glamorous and doesn't appear to come with any material riches, the people in the photograph appear to be happy just as they are. In many of our readings such as Thoreau and Siddhartha, seeking the good life involves a life of simplicity away from material greed and in nature. Only once you live this type of lifestyle can you find the sublime truth. The people depicted in this photograph live their lives in nature and are happier because of it.

Photo 4: Taken in the Modern painting and photograph section

*The photograph on the introductory page was taken by me at the Museum.

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