Artemis A Greek Goddess

The Goddess Artemis is the Goddess of Chastity, Virginity, The Hunt, The Moon, and the Natural Environment.

Summary of Myth: The author stated, "When Leto was giving birth, Artemis was born first on the island of Ortygia and Leto was moved to Delos. Artemis then helped Leto give birth to Apollo. That was the beginning of her being the guardian of young children and patron of women in childbirth." (

Pictures of Artemis

Theme: The Greeks valued how to hunt and they valued animals.; they had the theme of Artemis be around hunting and animals.

Traits: Of all the deities Artemis has the most complex nature. She could be paradoxically compassionate and vengeful, or nurturing and destructive, or even pacific and bloody.

Discussion Statement: I think that jealousy is a good thing because it gets you motivated to do things you wouldn't do other wise.

“Her Nature and Personality .” The Role of Women in the Art of Ancient Greece,

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