Second Great Awaking Logan Meyer

Good Afternoon
I have some information about the religious rival in Kentucky.
Have you ever wanted a very cheep vacation. Well then you need to come to the religious rival in Kentucky.
This is a perfect place for you. You will be staying in a rundown building with no service at all.
Have you ever had a lot of fun? Well here is the place to get that done. It is so relaxing.
When you come here you can do whatever you want.
You can do whatever you want and you won't get into trouble. This is the best place to stay in the country. We welcome you into our home. There is no boundaries. The is no limits.its just you and freedom.
You can stay in large city's with horses I bet you've never done anything bad without getting into trouble. Well here you can. We hope that you have the best time of your life here.
Wait, here is the best part. You can stay for life if you want. Stay as long as you want because we have the room. Never get in trouble here again.
Keep you and your family welthy. We will treat you so good. Also you will be able to stay and help.
Anyone worried about slaves. We have that covered as well. This is one of the only rules that we have here. NO SLAVES
We hope you have a great visit or life.


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