Creating a community to get through Covid crisis Ross Buckner tells Trish Lee about his desire to unleash his creativity

Ross is a self-taught artist situated in Hungerford, who creates watercolour pencil portraits.

He specialises in animal portraits, but is starting to branch out into more fantasy based topics.

Below he tells newburytoday about his career so far.

Where I came from:

I have been drawing for nearly three years, having spent my previous existence in retail work. I was looking for something to unleash my pent up creativity for years and finally found it at the tip of a coloured pencil.

I never expected anything to come from the first drawings I created, I was happy for it to be an artistic release for me, but after the great feedback from friends and family I decided there might be something in it, and decided to take the leap and become self-employed setting up my business.

What I’m doing now:

Since then I have been creating art work for various customers, and I'm currently illustrating a children's language book translating Ojibwe (a native American language) to English. This book will house a collection of wild animal portraits. I am an Open Studios artist, which gave me the ability to learn more about presenting and exhibiting my work. I have taken part in a few exhibitions now, and I am now organising my own art exhibitions, bringing artists from the local community to the forefront allowing them to showcase what they do. I find that there are so many events focussing on crafts but not many arts.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and various events being cancelled or unavailable to be planned I have taken to creating an online community collection on my website. I am bringing together local artists and providing them a platform to exhibit their work and sell it directly on site.

I am also looking to do some workshops teaching others how to draw using watercolour pencil after various feedback from online live streams and various events I have partaken in. This is both exciting but has a touch of trepidation as I have never taught before and still feel like the new kid on the block.


Where I intend to go:

I have been thinking about branching out in my art topics for a while. I still love drawing animal portraits but I have always had a fascination and innate joy in fantasy topics. As such I will be conjuring a new portfolio, with the intent to perhaps illustrate more books of varying types and create art for other mediums such as board games.

I am also looking to keep bringing more artists together and giving them a chance to showcase their work online and in physical locales as time permits.