The Election Is Not Over By GABE MOSS '22

My mother, Laurie Troop, traveled from Morgantown, Pa. to the Jan. 6 Trump rally at the Capitol building. After a three-hour drive, she arrived in the capital around 7:30 a.m. and then left around 4:30 p.m. to return to Pennsylvania and escape the freezing cold of D.C. She had comments about the storming of the Capitol building and the election.

After this interview, she stated that she wants a follow-up after the inauguration on the Jan. 20. She strongly believes that Trump will continue to be the president.

President Donald Trump was favored in Berks County, which explains why there would be a lot of Trump signs out, especially in the months leading up to the election. However, after the Electoral College voted on Dec. 14 it started to be questionable why there are still so many signs out. The following material was collected on Dec. 17.

These photos above were taken all around Berks County; this specific house had multiple different Trump signs. The owner of the house was not available for interview because of COVID-19.

The photo above was one of the more approachable houses; it was directly on the sidewalk and the sign was right out front. This was not the case with all of the houses, like the photo below, it was not in a neighborhood and had no sidewalk so I just stayed on the road and respected their property.

The picture below was taken from my car because I did not feel comfortable getting out. For one it was starting to get dark and people usually get weird when you take pictures in front of their houses.

In the clip below I sit down with a Trump supporter Doug Troop who is my stepfather, to talk about why he still believe that Trump will be our president.

In the clip below, my mother Laurie Troop, talks in-depth about alleged voter fraud.

This was just a summarized version of what they had to say about this election. They have no doubt in thier mind that Trump will win.

Photo taken by Doug and Laurie Troop

This is the outside of our house, which has a homemade flag holder with a American flag screwed on; these are just a few of the many Trump items my parents have.

My mother and stepfather have calendars along with books representing our 45th president.

They also have pens and bracelets.

My mother and stepfather are obviously very passionate about this election and the outcome. No one but them can predict when and if their minds will change.

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Gabriel Moss