Jackson Diggs Multimedia Sports Production

This video I made shows some of Ladue's goals throughout the past few years. I made this video using the program, Final Cut Pro. While making this video I learned to stay determined on editing the video to the best of my abilities. I struggled with finding clips to put in my video at first but was able to find some. I enjoy how the video turned out and I think that I did a good job. My friends also told me they liked it when I showed them.

The video above is full of different photos that were taken during the Ladue vs MICDS state championship game. I made this video after I pulled different photos and put them onto Final Cut Pro. I learned that putting transitions between photos made the slide have a better appearance. I sometimes struggled with the order I put the photos in, but I figure it out. I enjoyed making a video of our football team winning state. My friends and Family enjoyed watching this video.

This video that I made was the Ladue vs Clayton game in 2018. I made a highlight real on Final Cut Pro of Ladue's best plays and scores during that game. I learned how to properly edit clips while I was making this video. I struggled with music choice at the beginning but ended up finding good music for the background. I enjoyed making a video of Ladue beating our rivals. My family told me that they thought I did well on this video.

This video was the last video I made in my class and it was Ladue's most recent playoff game vs Clayton. I made this video after we got clips from the game and I decided to make a video with them on Final Cut Pro. At this point in the year I felt pretty good making this video. At the start when I was making this video, I has no context. After talking to my teacher about it, we decided that context was needed and in the long run, it definitely helped out the video. I enjoyed making a hype video including my friends on the football team. My friends told me that they liked watching the video.