Journal Dec. 9, 2016 Daniel Uraimov

Day 1 Surrender Luke 1 :38

I think that reading this verse and the explanation to it I think that it's very interesting that they say that she is doing all these things that people her age would be doing. I think this is interesting because no one really says this or thinks about it that too often. Most people read that verse or passage and they wonder why she is so surprised because they don't think about what she would've been doing before the angel came, she was doing things that people didn't really think was important. If you think about like that, like she was doing something that most people didn't notice and then all of a sudden an angel came out of nowhere and told you that you were going to be pregnant with the savior of the world you'd be pretty surprised. Maybe she wouldn't have thought it was true if she wasn't Jewish, if she wasn't Jewish she'd probably think she was going crazy until it actually happened. It also puts Mary in an awkward situation because she could be stoned for having a child, and how was she supposed to explain that to her friends and family, or anyone for that matter. They would all think she was lying and then she'd definitely be stoned. But I also think it's amazing how strong her faith was to God, she said that she was ok with what was happening and wasn't mad at God or anything because she knew that God would take care of all her worries.

Things to think about

I think that it's difficult to surrender our lives to what God is leading us to because sometimes we don't like what God is leading us to. Sometimes we have our whole lives planned out, or even just that day and God gives you a plan and completely changes what you had in mind but you do it because it's God, and when you do it, it ends up being better than our own plan. We make the mistake of thinking that we have a better plan than God or that our plan is so perfect that God wouldn't interfere because we are sinful and we always will be. And after we follow God's plan and it's amazing we want to tell people that it was our plan, sometimes we do, and sometimes we remember and praise God for what he's done with our lives.

Things to Think About No. 2

I think that if we hesitate about something God tells us it isn't necessarily really, really bad because it's our sinful nature that leads us to hesitate about almost anything we hear that promises good, even sometimes when it's God because of the things we have in our heads. Hesitating is normal so it doesn't really mean that we don't trust God at all because we're so used to hesitating to trust someone in normal life when God says it we go to our natural instinct and then most of the time realize "Oh wait, this is God talking to me" and if you've trusted God before and you've been trusting Him with your life for a while you will trust what he tells you. It's a different story though if you completely ignore Him and think that what He is saying is a lie. Then it shows that you may need to trust Him more than you do at that moment because if you can trust a sinful human when they first tell you something but you can't trust the prefect, all-powerful God when He tells you something then you may have a bit of a trust issue with Him that you need to think about.

Things to Think About No. 3

When I think about this I usually come up with the answer "I'm still young" but this doesn't really answer the question, it's just an excuse to put it off, because eventually I'll be 25 and think the same thing with the same answer, but I won't really be young anymore, I would hopefully have my own life by that time and I would've been giving the same excuse that I definitely would've missed some messages from God that I didn't even notice because I was giving the same excuse. But right now, I don't really know, I think that if God gave me a plan right now, he would show it to my whole family.

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