Leadershipwithout easy answers: Part 1 By alexis Walker

Values in Leadership

What is a leader?

A leader is someone who is able to take initiative to make executive decision. The decision made are place to allow things to follow. Leaders are able to provide a clear vision to persuade others to follow them. Also, being able to coordinate and balance all the members with there ideas.

Once, there is a leader becomes leadership. Leadership is being able to own up to the duty of leading people for the better. "Leadership arouses passion and our values". Value aren't taken into place when choosing someone for the position. A sense of being value-free.

An image for values would be "mobilizing indivuals to tackle tough problem". This being the push a leader should have amongst the followers . The leader chosen made be a bad influence but their persuade to see the glitter but "everything that is glitter isn't gold".

For Example, Donald Trump is a person of interest because he doesn't blankly tell us as the people of the United States he is a socially path, rascist, totalitarian, misogrynist. We as the people had to mainly pay close attention to his intentions as he phrase many thing indirectly.

Everyone is the best for a situation until facts and tests are passed !!!

Lead or Mislead?

LEAD OR MISLEAD. In other words do as I do instead of do as I say. This relates to the novel by allowing an balance to be there to stop any conflict that may take place. Lead or Mislead is easy to do because everything we know as humans has been passed down the line right or wrong. Being able to help other clarify problems and facing obstacles for the better. This shows a strong leadership. Being a leader isn't easy; A leader can be brought up through trails and tribulation and or at birth.

The Root of Authority?

Authority is someone in control such as a leader. Authority is need for everywhere literally in a household, school, gas station, stripper club, and most importantly Government. The government was here to keep things under an umbrella thing would be as we know them today." Those who achieve higher authority position" is who we consider to be leaders. We don't take the time to acknowledge a person main intention or value because the title allows respect.


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