Sunday Supplement 36 - Tolerance the skylark collective channelled by lesley curtis

We would speak of tolerance. Tolerance isn’t putting up with a thing. Tolerance is allowing another to express a view even when it is not the same as your view. Tolerance is allowing another to express and live their life the way that they wish; to express their view in the way that they wish. There is understanding to be gained within their view. And it may not be what you understand life to be and yet it has meaning and it has bearing for them. And so you cannot discount it because it is not the same as yours.

For the person that bears the view, even if contrary to your own, there is relevance and there may be an idea that is born that you have not thought of, for the view is different and you would not have considered such an option.

It is not to say however, that you cannot stand up for your views for the tolerance must be reciprocal, although it is not always so. But it is what we teach. And it is what we wish you to teach – tolerance of all for in the tolerating of a different view, it enriches us all and promotes peace and harmony.

One may often take the path of tolerance rather than anger. And that is a great strength if you are able to be tolerant of a person, even if it is sorely testing. It says more about you to be tolerant than all of their gainsaying and all of their noise; for you to nod your head and accept that another has a specific view because from tolerance comes understanding. And understanding enriches all of us and understanding allows movement forward. And who would not wish that for the self and who would not wish that for others? Who would not wish that we all understand that which has been brought forward - all lessons in all lives?

And if you can understand yours there is no parallel.

Creating inner harmony through Sound, Song, Voice and Word, Lesley Curtis is a trance channel medium, spiritual wordsmith, performer and musician who works with the Skylark Collective to bring forward wisdom and perspective. She is available for performance, talks, soundwork, Intuitive healing, workshops and one-to-one life-guidance consultations and teaching.

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