Color Wars 2018 Ava Seccuro-staff writer, Alya Mehrtash-staff writer, Rinesa Kabashi-staff writer

This year's second annual Color Wars was filled with games that kept all grade levels engaged in friendly competition against each other and for the first time, resulted in a win for the sophomore team. However, the highlight of this event was, in a gesture of kindness, the sophomore team handed their trophy to the senior team in honor of their last Color Wars.


“It was really exciting but I knew we were going to lose," freshman Temmie Park said. "I still came anyway because I wanted to participate and it was fun.”


"Color Wars unquestionably raises school spirit. Not just leading up the event, but during and after," sophomore ASB president Michael Newman said. "Students feel like Beverly is our second home, and that’s amazing. We all get educated together, but we also have good times together, all in the place where we are learning. I think students feel even more connected to Beverly."


"I loved how everyone got [competitive and] super into [Color Wars]. I feel that everyone had a lot more spirit and generally felt closer with their grade through playing against each other," junior Leila Nourmand said. "[My favorite experience was seeing] the look on the sophomores' faces when Seth said the seniors won."


“Colors Wars last year was a really fun event, [and] this year was pretty good," senior Seth Pizzurro said. "I think when you pin grades against each other, it brings out the competitive spirit in everybody because they want to represent their grade, so they get very hyped up. The nature of these games are very competitive which get people amped up, so it overall increases the spirit.”

“I think all of the students did a good job being fair and representing their classes," English teacher Phil Chang said. "I feel like in the end, even though the sophomores won, as a gesture of goodwill, handed the trophy over to the seniors so that they could have a nice moment, so I thought that was really cool."

"[I chose to hand off our trophy because] it's good sportsmanship and it's the seniors' last year to play Color Wars so why not just hand it off to [them] for the ending of the year," sophomore Vernon Tucker said.

"I think ASB did a remarkable job in the advertisement of Color Wars. The collaboration with KBEV to make a video that fuels the class 'competitiveness' really worked," Newman said. "The videos we take during our events are an important aspect too because it really lets students look back at the event they just attended or students who were not there to see what they would have been at...KBEV, Highlights, Yearbook and ASB ultimately share the main goal of getting students informed and creating excitement throughout campus, and this event was definitely a success."

Video courtesy of senior Kate Lieb and ASB.

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