Path to citizenship Elise hebert

@elisehebert Just picked up my papers to become a US citizen! #USA

@elisehebert Wow! There's so many questions hopefully I spell everything right!

@elisehebert finished all the questions! #wishmeluck #sendingin

@elisehebert Paper work went well! Now off to the resettlementreport center :)

@elisehebert Just made it to my interview...hopefully it goes well! #dressednice #hopefullynoviolations

@elisehebert Interview went great! #USAhereIcome

@elisehebert Getting my screening done today! #fingerprintscanning #nowinthesystem

@elisehebert Going to my first American culture class! #McDonalds #baseball

@elisehebert Health exam went great! #healthy

@elisehebert #2yearslater Finally a US permanent citizen!

@elisehebert I've been a permanent citizen for one year now I get my green card! #greencard

@elisehebert It's now been 5 years since I got my green card! I am now an US citizen!!!! #allthatworkwasworthit #America

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