Confucianism is considered an ethnic religion and was founded around 500 BCE.

Statue of Confucius

Buddhism originated in Northeast India and spread to the west towards China.

There are many, many, many different sects of Confucianism that vary depending on your region. However, all of them have the same core principles and are very similar. These sects include Song Confucianism, Korean Confucianism, so on and so forth.

The main symbol of Confucianism

Some of the essential beliefs of Confucianism are that people must maintain a sense of doing what is right, serve their superiors diligently and loyally, display benevolence towards others and that an ideal ruler should influence others by moral example. They also believe that secular things can be sacred,

The sacred texts of Confucianism are: "The Book of History," "The Book of Poetry," "The Book of Changes," "The Book of Rites," and the "Spring and Autumn Annals."

There are no places dedicated for Confucianist worship. Confucianists are exptected to uphold their standards. However, there are temples and palaces that represent some of Confucius's teachings.

A Confucianist temple

The temple in Qufu has been sacred to the Confucianists. There are a few more sacred temples, but this is the big one.

Major Confucianist temple in Qufu

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