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08.10.2019 Today the book building was open and I'm smarter now about the meaning and the symbolism. @home is a symbol of transience, like the life of seriously ill children

06.10.2019 A small hut built from children's books on the Wiesbaden market square. It looks interesting, but the meaning of the sculpture hasn't been revealed to me yet.

05.10.2019 Walking through the outskirts of Wiesbaden's city centre on Saturdays is sometimes more interesting than staying in the crowded and busy pedestrian zone. There are always photogenic people in the small alleys, just because they take a little time out individually. Just like the shopkeeper who has placed his cup of espresso on the roof of a car and observes street life

05.10.2019 Meet a good friend and enjoy a delicious espresso. He is a passionate Barrista and is passionate about the classic art of coffee. Listening to him explain several espresso machines is a pleasure.

02.10.2019 Integration is the be-all and end-all of multicultural coexistence. In many other countries it has grown over decades, we are still at the beginning with many setbacks. It seems most important to me to support the children and to invest to give them a beautiful childhood.