The STEM Academy for Environmental Studies At Memorial Middle School

Program Overview

The STEM Academy for Environmental Studies is designed to promote interdisciplinary learning in and outside of the classroom. Core subjects such as Science, Math, Language Arts and Social Studies are common to all students, however the integration of lessons involving critical thinking and the synthesis of those 4 disciplines offers an opportunity for students to view their learning through a real world lens. Our world is changing and our environment is becoming a global concern. Our students need to be ready to tackle problems that have not even manifested. As well, they must have the confidence that comes from experience. In the safe environment that the classroom provides students can test theories and research solutions using their core knowledge, facilitated by instruction and encouraged by collaborative exchanges.


Today every profession requires the ability to gather, discern and synthesize information.

The Research class requirement of our STEM Academy ensures that classroom content has real world application. Scientific Inquiry is a framework that organizes investigations whether the topic is science, social issues, environmental challenges, media or innovation. In the internet age, information is a click away but understanding how to use that information takes training.

Research Class Grade Level focus

6th grade: Students will engage in a GeoInquiry project using National Geographic's Inquiry Framework and be introduced to basic coding.

7th grade and 8th grade: Coding will still be a part of this research time but students are allowed to research topics that interest them and choose various venues to showcase their work such as the Georgia Science Fair, The Georgia Social Studies Fair, the Army's eCybermission, Toshiba's Exploravision and many more.

Just a few of the venues that students may use to showcase their research

Components for student success

How do I think about the world??

Course offerings: Multiple opportunities to earn high school credit through a variety of learning platforms, such as virtual classes, high school certified teachers at the 8th grade level for High School Coordinate Algebra and 9th grade Science. Spanish and Personal Fitness and Health classes are provided through Rockdale Virtual Campus and our partnership with Rockdale Career Academy.

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) provides post-secondary readiness and organization/study skills.

How do I apply?

Application, Eligibility and Choice Lottery

Application: RCPS uses an electronic application process for School Choice programs. No paper applications will be accepted. Students may apply for one School Choice program only for each school year.

Lottery: The application window opens November 16 - December 21. The online application will be available on the district website at: www.rockdaleschools.org/specialtyandchoice.

Help? The Student Registration Office at 1143 West Avenue will provide assistance to access the online application if needed, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 3 p.m., on a first come, first served basis. Only complete applications will be accepted.


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