The Life of a Panda A story by jackson bennett

(Problem and Solution): Pandas are a vulnerable species which means that their close to endangerment. Their habitats have been taken away by people building homes and farms. to solve this horrible problem you should not build on their habitats and don't kill them for food. remember this their are about only 2,000 in the world right now.

Sad Panda

(Description): Pandas live in mountain ranges of China such as the Himalayas an example of Panda's losing their habitats is of buildings and people bulldozing the place. A Pandas diet is eat plants and especially bamboo. Male Pandas roam around all day and the Female stays in the cave raising their young. In the wild Pandas live for 15-20 years while in captivity they live up to 30 years.

Pandas in their Habitat

(Cause and Effect): People have been building Structures on Pandas and other animals habitats. People built on the land because they need land for farming and homes. Because of this Pandas don't have homes. Human population has been expanding and is taking pandas habitats away. Therefore we should let the Pandas have their homes.

Pandas Drinking

(Compare/Contrast): Grizzly Bears and Panda Bears are pretty alike and different from each other. They both live in the wild and are bears. The Panda is a little different because they are vegetarian and are harmless. But Grizzlies on the other hand are omnivores and are dangerous.

Grizzly Bear

(Sequence): Taking care of a panda is pretty easy first you should take really good care of a newborn panda because their blind. Second is cub hood their a lot easier to take care of because they eat on their own. Then they leave to live for themselves in the wild/ Finally it's maturity and their grown up and know every skill to live.

Created By
Jackson Bennett

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