1984 George orwell


1984 is a book written by George Orwell about a dystopian future in which the government has total control over it's citizens through fear, and surveillance. We go on a journey through the eyes of our main character, Winston Smith as he dares to defy the social norms of society.

Main Characters

"Big Brother is Watching You"
  • Winston Smith
  • Julia
  • O' Brien
  • Big Brother/Emmanuel Goldstein



Oceania, a giant country comprised of the Americas; the Atlantic Islands, including the British Isles; Australia; and the southern portion of Africa. Oceania's mainland is called Air Strip One, formerly England. The story itself takes place in London in the year 1984, a terrifying place and time where the human spirit and freedom are all but crushed.

Major Symbolism

The Four Ministries

  1. Miniluv: Ministry of Love (law and order)
  2. Minipax: Ministry of Peace (war)
  3. Miniplenty: Ministry of Plenty (rationing)
  4. Minitrue: Ministry of Truth (propaganda)
From Top left to Bottom Right: Ministry of Love, Ministry of Peace, Ministry of Plenty, Ministry of Truth


The propagandize language of Oceania that refers to the removal of certain words and replacing its definition with other.


The Telescreens in Oceania not only help get the propaganda of "Big Brother" out, but to also act as a surveillance of its people in their most vulnerable environment, their homes.

My Report

After reading 1984, my thoughts on how relevant this book is to our modern day society is quite frightening. A satire book written in 1942 about the eroding intelligence of a country along with the the governments ability to control it echoes a lot of what’s been happening in the world today.

The book itself serves as a warning to those who stay complacent in their world and allow the government to take over every aspect of their lives and this even includes their thoughts.


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