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Politics- Italy is known to be a Democratic Republic. The Italian Parliament is made up of 945 elected members and divided into 2 equal powered houses: Italian Chamber(630 seats) and the Italian Senate(315 seats)

Economics- Italy has a diversified industrial economy. Its divided into a developed industrial north and a less-developed south, with a high unemployment rate(12.5%). Italy is currently the 86th ranked economy on a global scale and the currency is euros

Religion- Italy is considered to be a Christian Country, even though 88% of the country belongs to the Roman Catholic Church. It has many other religions such as Muslims, Protestants, Jehovah's Witness, etc.

Social Structure- Since Italy has a high unemployment its clear to understand the rich from the poor. Poorer countries produce immigrants, while the government has had a vast social welfare.

Industry- Tourism and Manufacturing are Italy's most famous forms of foreign exchange. Manufacturing is focused more in the north as part of the "golden triangle" of Milan-Turin-Genoa. Italy has huge foreign trade with the help of its large commercial shipping fleet.

Arts and Entertainment- The country of Italy is known for hosting many different international events throughout the year. Art exhibitions are a huge part of the Italian culture. Italy is also known for their restaurants, casinos and shopping meccas.

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