studying STEAM in the Greenburgh Schools Preparing Students for the Workplace of the Future

The Greenburgh Central School District is bringing STEAM lessons to students of all ages in a variety of creative ways. STEAM - which stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and math - gives students knowledge and hands-on experience that help them understand the practical applications of these subjects. Director of STEAM Todd Mensch is committed to introducing students to the diversity of STEAM opportunities and to showing them that computer science is not just about coding.

Students from the Richard J. Bailey Elementary School were invited to the Microsoft store in The Westchester mall where they engaged in a session about app development. A Microsoft community relations specialist guided the fifth-graders through questions such as, what makes a great idea for an app and how would you name your app?

Several different classes are enjoying coding and robotics lessons and each school recently conducted an hour of coding. Students in Shainia Weir's computer science class at Woodlands Middle High School spent several hours with first-graders at Lee F. Jackson Elementary School demonstrating how to code a robot named Cubetto through hands-on play. The younger children enjoyed learning from the high school seniors.

Middle schoolers at Woodlands Middle High School are doing more sophisticated coding. Some began just this year while others started years ago, including those who participated in the Digital Arts Experience summer program. Theses students also work with robots. They start by programming it to move in a simple square, gradually adding more complicated commands, including how to play music. Others are creating websites, combining digital arts and marketing with coding. The classroom is also home to a new 3-D printer, which which the teacher Jodi Manne and her students are just beginning to experiment, and ergonomic seating that makes for a flexible learning environment. Students even took time to teach Greenburgh Police Officer Killebrew some coding basics.

How do you make ice cream in a plastic bag? Pierce a balloon with a skewer without popping it? Make a helicopter fly? Families participated in these science experiments and more at a family fun STEAM night at Highview. Special thanks to the PTA for its support.

To ensure that Woodlands Middle High School students have the ongoing opportunity to learn about the variety of STEAM-related careers, lunch & learn sessions were held over a week-long period. One of these sessions was with entrepreneur Chris Cardi who shared with students her journey through the information technology field, ultimately combining her passion for gaming, art and tech to start her own company.

"We are incredibly proud of the work we are doing to make the STEAM topics fun and approachable for all students. These skills can lead to opportunities and this is another example of how Greenburgh is becoming a world-class school district." -- Dr. Tahira DuPree Chase.