Freedom Like A Shopping Cart By NOFX

Heavy Petting Zoo

1996 | Punk

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Sleeping under rays —Your teeth crumbling away — Say goodbye to all responsibility —You never wanted it man.


  • The record reached #63 on the American Billboard 200 Albums chart, the first NOFX album to do so.
  • The vinyl edition's artwork features a man and sheep in a 69 position. The title Eating Lamb is given on the cover. The LP was banned in Germany, due to its Zoophilia content. A 1996 court order prohibited distribution of the record in Germany, and confiscated copies with the offending artwork that were already on public display.


Luke Tatum

"The key to the song lies at the end: "You're between the red and black." The anarcho-communist mantra seems to have never been clearer than this: "Say goodbye to all responsibility, you never wanted it, man." The spirit of the American dream, to me, is best summed up in this quote by Ronald Wright, which is commonly attributed to John Steinbeck: "...socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires." Essentially: We believe we can work hard enough to achieve greatness, and obstacles are merely temporary setbacks on a road that will always point us towards success. The socialist or communist, on the other hand, rejects this attitude out-of-hand. To them, they are owed things and do not need to work for them. Waste away enjoying the myopic pleasures of the now, living in a "cardboard condominium by the bay."

Sherry Voluntary

Ok, so seems like straight up this song is about being a bum. Which, I guess a lot of "red and black" anarcho-socialists find some kind of virtue in. Me? Not so much. I will say that I think one if the things that this song does deal with that is valuable is the idea that those on the margins of society "prostitutes and anarchists," have a certain kind of freedom that most people don't know. When I first became an anarchist I was "in the closet." I was afraid of what my friends and neighbors would think. The more I embraced that label though, and the idea that it's not shameful, I gained the freedom from having to live inside the box of normie respectability.

Nicky P

To be blunt, this song is here to trigger you. It’s entire premise is describing the lifestyle of the dregs of society: prostitutes, crust punks, vagrants, etc. The “American” way of life is definitely progress and work driven and inevitably not for everyone. But where do we as libertarians fall on this? We have a chicken and egg scenario in which the philosophy of freedom is what allowed what we enjoy to aminor extent and seek to its natural conclusion to occur at all. We often offer the platitudes that the best ideas will win out and while i hope that is true, there are certainly those with doubts. I classify myself roughly as an ANCAP for as much as things matter. There are those within the Rothbard strain that certainly think we need border walls to protect the liberal tradition from impending socialism being voted away. The obvious point to be made is that our current americans are doing just fine at that currently. In the same vein it would foolish to not notice the creep that has happened within our own domestic borders. As people migrate from blue states into red ones, theyre slowly changing voting blocks and making once diehard red states creep purple. I'm not a government borders guy but there is a question that we as libertarians have to ask. What is our line? Do we have one. I belive in a perfect ancapistan there would inevitably be different beliefs and economic systems coexisting. There are those who believe the purity of ideas must be preserved. I take my morality seriously and just because there is a disatisfactory outcome impending , does not justify my own immorality. So that lifestyle that prostitute lives may not be your cup of tea, but tolerance is a big part of the idea in my view.

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