The theme of Frankenstein a murderer or a scientist By:DerRICK Davis

The qualities/definition of a true monster

"I could with pleasure have destroyed the cottage and its inhabitants and have glutted myself with their shrinks and misery (Chapter 16). The monster said he would have destroyed all the people in the cottage and would've liked doing it

The monster

"I, a miserable wretch haunted by a curse that shut up every avenue of enjoyment(Chapter 18). The monster is miserable and angry

The monster

"Cold, want and fatigue were the least pains which I was destined to endure, I was cursed by some devil and carried about with me my eternal hell; yet still a spirit of good followed and directed my steps when I most murmured would suddenly extricate me from seemingly insurmountable difficulties. This means the monster was cursed to begin with

"Get ready ! The worst is still ahead of you. Get warm clothes and plenty of food. We are going to a cold, icy place. I will laugh as you suffer. This means the monster wants him to suffer

"I stopped feeling sad. I began to feel angry. One night, I went back to the cottage.I burned it down". It means that the monster is very angrier than ever before

The cottage from Frankenstein


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