Jewish Holocaust- Reflections Gregory SanChez

My initial understanding of the Holocaust was very dreadful, I did not understand why the holocaust had to happen. I wish sometimes that Hitler was never born because seeing the agony, terror, and pain that these people had to endure was not even that of what we go through today. They were treated like animals just for being of a certain decent or origin. My understanding was changed because now I could actually see the reason why the holocaust needs to be taught in every school because of the impact it had on our lives if it wasn't for the holocaust our schools would be fuller and when I found out that people even the young were tortured for absolutely no reason. I was inferiorated.

Q: Did gun control prevent Jews from fighting back?

A: When Hitler came to power there was a period of time when he was very strategical in a political manner. In other words he had a plan to make the Jews vulnerable and helpless before they were able to invade Poland. It was not only guns that Hitler took, but businesses, furs, wealthy subjects that the Jews had was the main target. Hitler came with one goal and one only and that was to humiliate mankind.

Courage at its finest!

Anne frank to me was one of the greatest girls in history that I had courage to write down every detail of her life during this period of loss tyranny and disorder, She has impacted many young people today and even though she is not alive, her words live on throughout all of history. She was one of the girls that refused to sit by and stay quiet her form of fighting back was letting the world know what the Nazis did to dehumanize Jewish people for no good reason and that is why she will always be a hero to those who read her diary and remember what actually took place during Hitler's reign.

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