"Who was Clara Barton" by Stephanie Spinner November/December 2016 AR Biography Activity

"Meanwhile, she yearned to continue her own education." (p.15)

Based on the context clues "yearned" means to have an strong desire

"She wanted badly to fit in, and at twenty-nine she was much older than the other students. But they never guessed it because Clara was petite, soft spoken, and girlish." (p.20)

Based on the context clues "petite" means A girl in such a size.

"She helped him arrange for the list of nearly thirteen thousand names to be published, so that scores of families could finally mourn their loved ones."(p.46-47)

Based on the context clues "mourn" means to grieve or lament for the dead

"She had lectured widely on behalf of freed slaves." (p.48)

Based on the context clues "freed" means enjoy personal rights or liberty

"Union veterans, church groups, literary societies, and women's organizations flocked to hear her, and her fame grew."(p.50)

Based on the context clues "societies" means characterized by it's dominat ceoumi class

"This treaty said that Red Cross workers were neutral (they didn't favor one side or another during war), and that they could help any wounded soldier without being attacked or taken prisoner." (p.56-58)

Based on the context clues "wounded" means suffering injury or badly harmed

" The word "Internation" before "Red Cross" did not work in Clara's favor."

Based on the context clues "internation" means between or among nations.

"And it was true that Clara neglected to keep track of the money the Red Cross was spending, Something it was her own."

Based on the context clues "neglected" means to be remiss in the care.

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