Journey Log 9 john krall

John Krall- johnnyk- journey log 9-ranger habits of mind:openness

This week one of the things that I got the most out of last weeks classes was the ability to be open. A lot of the stuff that we did wether it be in our groups for our projects or playing some of the games we played, required us to be open. In our groups for the project, we all had to try to work together and had to be able to be open about how we did our project. Although it might not have been how I would have gone about it, it was good to take someone else's vision and work together to complete it. This got me to research openness to new experiences and when I did something came up about a scientific experiment that had been done on people who where more open to experiences then others. In the study, "Ackerman and Heggestad (1997) found Openness correlated positively with both general intelligence (r = .33) and crystallized intelligence (r = .30). Gignac, Stough, and Loukomitis (2004) similarly reported a positive correlation between Openness and general intelligence (r = .43)" (Hogan). This showed that being more open about something can drastically improve your intelligence possibly becasue you would be okay with hearing more about different things.

Last week especially with some of the games we played you had to be open to hearing other ways of how people thought about things. The games we played gave a chance for creativeness and openness and made me research other games that stimulated openness. One that I found is called two truths one lie. In this games, "Each team member writes three statements about himself. Two of the statements are true, and one is false" (Writer). It is fairly simple yet a game where you learn a lot about the other person.

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