Constance's HASS journal La13

WA colony - Swan River colony

Swan River colony settlement and Land Grants

The Swan River colony was a BRITISH settlement established on the second of may1829 on the Swan River in western AUSTRALIA .

On the first of June the Western Australia colony were the first people sighted.

The official Australia Day was made on the 1st of January 1901.

The first ship to reach the Swan River was HMS Challenger.

Inquiry Questions

How did they COMMUNICATE?

1.How did the British find the land?

2.How long did it take the British to search the land?

3.Who had to lead the Swan River colony?

4.where did the Swan River colony come from?

5.How many ships came to The Swan River colony and how much settlers were on each ship?

My timeline of WA colony

The one who searcHed the land with Hms success

I presentšŸ‘

Captain JameS Stirling

Captain James Stirling was a colonial administrator who became the first Governor and commander in chief. Of Western Australia.James Stirling was the 5th son of Scottish parents Andrew and Ann who had 15 children.

Gold rush-Bathurst gold rush

The gold rush

Edward Hammond Hargreaves (7 October 1816-29 October 1891) Was a gold prospected who claimed the first gold found in 1851 found in Australia 1851.

Inquiry questions

1.How did everyone else find out about the gold?

2.How big was the first piece of gold?

3.Did Edward Hargreaves sell his piece of gold for money?

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